De-Extinction and the Genomics Revolution

Life on Demand

  • Amy Lynn Fletcher

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About this book


This book considers the cultural history and politics of de-extinction, an approach to wildlife conservation that seeks to use advanced biotechnologies for genetic rescue, crisis interventions, and even species resurrections. It demonstrates how the genomic revolution creates new possibilities for human transformation of nature and accelerates the arrival of the era of life-on demand. Fletcher combines a summative overview of the modern progress in biology and biotechnology that has brought us to this moment and evaluates the relationship between de-extinction and provocative contemporary ideas such as rewilding, eco-modernism, and the Anthropocene. Overall, the book contends that de-extinction, as reported in the public sphere, shifts between the demands of science and spectacle and draws upon our ongoing fascination with lost worlds, Frankenstein’s monster, woolly mammoths, and dinosaurs.


Science and technology studies Public understanding of science and technology Biotechnology Science and technology politics Ethics and technology De-Extinction Species restoration Animals and people Scientific and technological innovation Enhancement Post-genomic age Anthropocene

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