Atlas of Cytopathology and Radiology

  • Ritu Nayar
  • Xiaoqi Lin
  • Ajit S. Paintal
  • Ramona Gupta
  • Albert A. Nemcek Jr.

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Xiaoqi Lin, Brandon A. Umphress, Ernest F. Wiggins III, Ramona Gupta, Albert A. Nemcek Jr.
    Pages 7-28
  3. Xiaoqi Lin, Julianne M. Ubago, Rehan Ali, Ali Al Asadi, Ahsun Riaz
    Pages 29-64
  4. Xiaoqi Lin, Juehua Gao, John K. S. S. Philip, Rosewell V. Mackey, Rehan Ali, Ahsun Riaz
    Pages 65-100
  5. Xiaoqi Lin, Joseph F. Peevey, Ali Habib, Ronald Mora, Ahsun Riaz
    Pages 101-125
  6. Elizabeth Morency, Steven D. Huffman, Ahsun Riaz
    Pages 127-140
  7. Xiaoqi Lin, Ryan Hickey
    Pages 141-171
  8. Jamie Macagba Slade, Tracey Harbert, Joseph Young, Ramona Gupta, Laura Dean, Songlin Zhang et al.
    Pages 173-190
  9. Ajit S. Paintal, Khairuddin Memon, Ahmed Gabr, Songlin Zhang, Ahsun Riaz
    Pages 191-208
  10. Nicholas Morley, Ajit S. Paintal
    Pages 209-223
  11. Elizabeth Morency, Luis Z. Blanco Jr, Lilian C. Wang
    Pages 225-244
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 245-251

About this book


The diagnostic services—pathology and radiology—are the cornerstone for supporting the delivery of high-quality healthcare by providing timely and accurate diagnosis. In this era of precision medicine, it has become increasingly important for these two services to work collaboratively in supporting patients and clinical colleagues by informing and communicating the selection and interpretation of appropriate diagnostic tests, as well as obtaining adequate tissue for diagnosis, prognostication, and therapy at initial presentation and, if required, during disease progression/relapse. This book is aimed at practicing cytopathologists and interventional radiologists as well as trainees in these areas. An essential requirement in the accurate diagnosis of these mass lesion biopsies is the correlation of cytomorphology with the radiological findings and adequate triage of acquired material during the biopsy procedure. The cytologic findings,  gross surgically resected specimens, and imaging findings are illustrated to provide a complete pathologic-radiologic correlation of the entities discussed. This Atlas of Cytopathology and Radiology serves as a useful guide for pathologists and radiologists in the appropriate  triage and diagnosis of deep seated mass lesions biopsied under ultrasound, CT Scan or fluoroscopic guidance.


Pathologic-Radiologic Correlation Fluoroscopic Guidance Fine Needle Aspiration Mass lesion biopsy Cytomorphology Core Biopsy Acquisition

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