African Mythology, Femininity, and Maternity

  • Ismahan Soukeyna Diop

Part of the Pan-African Psychologies book series (PAAFPS)

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About this book


This book explores feminine archetypes and mythological figures in African and European traditions with an underlying goal of describing the foundations of social status for women. The author provides a rich corpus of mythology and tales to illustrate aspects of female and mother-daughter relationships. Diop analyzes the symbolic aspects of maternity and femininity, describing the social meaning of the matrix, breasts, and breastfeeding. A retrospective of female characters in African literature brings an interesting approach to explore the figures of femininity and maternity in society.  After an extensive analysis of African mythology and tales, the author proposes a way to integrate them in the clinical psychotherapy as a projective material. The analysis of clinical cases offers an example of how this material can be used in therapy with women from African descent.


West Africa Maternity Femininity Psychoanalysis Social Status Women and Society Gender Roles Mythology Geza Roheim Symbolism Collective Unconscious Non-Western Centric African Mythology European Mythology Counternarratives

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  • Ismahan Soukeyna Diop
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  1. 1.Faculté de Lettres et Sciences HumainesCheikh Anta Diop UniversityDakarSenegal

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