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Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing

Biomedical Applications

  • Declan M. Devine
  • Addresses the unique regulatory hurdles for direct digital manufactured parts for customized medical devices

  • Covers recent technological advances as well as rapid tooling for mass manufacturing

  • Provides a thorough overview of customized medicine and implants, including drug loading, ear implants, tissue engineering, bone, and dental


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Steven Pollack, Chaitra Venkatesh, Martin Neff, Andrew V. Healy, Guang Hu, Evert A. Fuenmayor et al.
    Pages 1-22
  3. Eoin P. Hinchy
    Pages 23-50
  4. Pu Zhang, Yiqi Mao, Xin Shu
    Pages 51-71
  5. Suzan Gunbay, Michael Hopkins Jr, Guang Hu, Noel M. Gately, Declan M. Devine, Conor Hayes
    Pages 73-96
  6. Aleksandra Foerster, Laura Ruiz Cantu, Ricky Wildman, Christopher Tuck
    Pages 97-119
  7. Margaret E. Brennan Fournet, Farah Alwani Azaman, Suzan Gunbay, Yuan Yuan Chen, Declan M. Devine
    Pages 121-142
  8. Evert A. Fuenmayor, Andrew V. Healy, Maurice Dalton, Ian Major
    Pages 143-160
  9. Ross Burdis, Daniel J. Kelly
    Pages 161-186
  10. Jessica Nulty, Rossana Schipani, Ross Burdis, Daniel J. Kelly
    Pages 187-218
  11. John G. Lyons, Declan M. Devine
    Pages 255-264
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 265-277

About this book


This book aims to give readers a basic understanding of commonly used additive manufacturing techniques as well as the tools to fully utilise the strengths of additive manufacturing through the modelling and design phase all the way through to post processing. Guidelines for 3D printed biomedical implants are also provided. Current biomedical applications of 3D printing are discussed, including indirect applications in the rapid manufacture of prototype tooling and direct applications in the orthopaedics, cardiovascular, drug delivery, ear-nose-throat, and tissue engineering fields. 

Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing: Biomedical Applications is an ideal resource for students, researchers, and those working in industry seeking to better understand the medical applications of additive manufacturing.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Declan M. Devine
    • 1
  1. 1.Athlone Institute of TechnologyAthlone, Co. WestmeathIreland

About the editors

Dr. Declan M. Devine is the Director of the Materials Research Institute at Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT).  He holds a PhD in Biopolymer Engineering from AIT, where he also completed his undergraduate BEng in Polymer Engineering. Dr. Devine is an active member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association, and is the Chair of the Marie Curie Alumni Association Ireland Chapter. His research interests centres on the development of materials for biomedical applications such as bone regenerations and biodegradable polymer stents, structural thermoplastic composites, additive manufacturing and smart manufacturing which incorporates robotics and metrology systems.

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