Doctors and Torture

Medicine at the Crossroads

  • Wanda Teays

Part of the International Library of Ethics, Law, and the New Medicine book series (LIME, volume 80)

Table of contents

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  3. Challenges for the Profession

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      Pages 7-7
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      Pages 41-53
  4. Boundaries of Torture

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      Pages 55-55
    2. Wanda Teays
      Pages 57-74
    3. Wanda Teays
      Pages 75-93
    4. Wanda Teays
      Pages 95-107
  5. Ethical Assessment

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      Pages 109-109
    2. Wanda Teays
      Pages 111-129

About this book


This book brings into sharp relief the extent to which the medical profession has enabled or participated in actions that are at moral crossroads. Physical and psychological abuse and violations of medical codes have already been brought to light by concerned bioethicists responding to ethical lapses of the “war on terror.” This book goes to the next level by looking at three areas that also merit our attention and call us to speak out against abuses. These are (1) dehumanization (such as forced nudity, hooding, sensory deprivation, exploitation of phobias, waterboarding, and environmental manipulation), (2) non-consensual forced-feeding, and (3) solitary confinement. Each area raises important questions for the medical profession.

 Author Wanda Teays calls upon doctors and nurses to reflect on the role they play in the unethical treatment of prisoners and detainees by crossing moral boundaries around each of these areas. In the process, we are reminded that bioethics is global, not local — and the concerns of the discipline encompass issues with a wider scope.



Solitary Confinement Forced Feeding Ethics of Torture Professional Ethics Enhanced Interrogation Boundaries of Torture Foundations of Ethical Theory

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