Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Greenhouse Crops

  • Maria Lodovica Gullino
  • Ramon Albajes
  • Philippe C. Nicot

Part of the Plant Pathology in the 21st Century book series (ICPP, volume 9)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Major Diseases and Pests in Greenhouse Crops

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Enrique Moriones, Eric Verdin
      Pages 3-31
    3. Vittoria Catara, Patrizia Bella
      Pages 33-54
    4. Marc Bardin, Maria Lodovica Gullino
      Pages 55-100
    5. Markus Knapp, Eric Palevsky, Carmelo Rapisarda
      Pages 101-146
    6. Francisco Javier Sorribas, Caroline Djian-Caporalino, Thierry Mateille
      Pages 147-174
  3. Tools for IPDM in Greenhouses

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 175-175
    2. Geneviève Marchand, Philippe C. Nicot, Ramon Albajes, Odile Carisse
      Pages 195-230
    3. Davide Spadaro, Nuria Agustí, Sara Franco Ortega, Monica A. Hurtado Ruiz
      Pages 231-258
    4. Véronique Lefebvre, Nathalie Boissot, Jean-Luc Gallois
      Pages 259-283
    5. H. Marjolein Kruidhof, Wade H. Elmer
      Pages 285-330
    6. Gary P. Munkvold, Maria Lodovica Gullino
      Pages 331-354
    7. A. Gamliel
      Pages 355-383
    8. Marc Bardin, Massimo Pugliese
      Pages 385-407
    9. Joop C. van Lenteren, Oscar Alomar, Willem J. Ravensberg, Alberto Urbaneja
      Pages 409-439
    10. Maria Lodovica Gullino, Luciana Tavella
      Pages 441-454
  4. Implementation of IPM in Major Greenhouse Crops

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 455-455
    2. Cristina Castañé, Jan van der Blom, Philippe C. Nicot
      Pages 487-511
    3. Gerben J. Messelink, Roselyne Labbé, Geneviève Marchand, Luciana Tavella
      Pages 513-535
    4. Gerben J. Messelink, F. Javier Calvo, Francisco Marín, Dirk Janssen
      Pages 537-566
    5. Benjamin Gard, Giovanna Gilardi
      Pages 567-595
    6. Margery Daughtrey, Rose Buitenhuis
      Pages 625-679
    7. J. S. Buurma, N. J. A. van der Velden
      Pages 681-691

About this book


This book represents a new, completely updated, version of a book edited by two of the current editors, published with Springer in 1999. It covers pest and disease management of greenhouse crops, providing readers the basic strategies and tactics of integrated control together with its implementation in practice, with case studies with selected crops. The diversity of editors and authors provides readers a complete picture of the world situation of IPM in greenhouse crops. 


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Editors and affiliations

  • Maria Lodovica Gullino
    • 1
  • Ramon Albajes
    • 2
  • Philippe C. Nicot
    • 3
  1. 1.Centro di Competenza per l’innovazione in campo agro-ambientale AGROINNOVAUniversità degli Studi di TorinoGrugliascoItaly
  2. 2.University of Lleida, Agrotecnio CenterLleidaSpain
  3. 3.Plant Pathology UnitINRAEMontfavetFrance

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