Lead in Plants and the Environment

  • Dharmendra K. Gupta
  • Soumya Chatterjee
  • Clemens Walther

Part of the Radionuclides and Heavy Metals in the Environment book series (RHME)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Natasha, Camille Dumat, Muhammad Shahid, Sana Khalid, Behzad Murtaza
    Pages 33-65
  3. Vasudev Meena, Mohan Lal Dotaniya, Jayanta Kumar Saha, Hiranmoy Das, Ashok Kumar Patra
    Pages 67-82
  4. M. L. Dotaniya, C. K. Dotaniya, Praveen Solanki, V. D. Meena, R. K. Doutaniya
    Pages 83-98
  5. Anindita Mitra, Soumya Chatterjee, Anna V. Voronina, Clemens Walther, Dharmendra K. Gupta
    Pages 99-116
  6. Krzysztof Tokarz, Barbara Piwowarczyk, Wojciech Makowski
    Pages 117-128
  7. Joana R. Expósito, Eva Barreno, Myriam Catalá
    Pages 149-170
  8. Bhagawatilal Jagetiya, Sandeep Kumar
    Pages 171-202
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 203-207

About this book


This book examines the way that lead enters the biosphere and the subsequent environmental impact. The contributing authors include international experts who provide methods for assessing and characterizing the ecological risk of lead contamination of soil and plants. Information is provided on the consequences for human health as a result of lead pollution. This book reveals that approximately 98% of stable lead in the atmosphere originates from human activities.

Lead in Plants and the Environment reports on methods for detecting, measuring, and assessing the concentration of lead in plants. The authors provide a method for the measurement of  210Pb isotopes in plants. This method can be applied extensively in different environmental settings, not only as a way of revealing sources of lead, but also as a way to monitor lead transport in plants and animals that ingest them.

The chapters include coverage on the following topics:

·         Lead bioavailability in the environment and its exposure and effects

·         Radioanalytical methods for detecting and identifying trace concentrations of lead in the environment

·         Lead contamination and its dynamics in soil plant systems

·         Lead pollution monitoring and remediation through terrestrial plants in mesocosm constructed wetlands

·         A review of phytoremediation of lead

This book is a valuable resource to students, academics, researchers, and environmental professionals doing field work on lead contamination throughout the world.


Pb pollution monitoring lead in the environment lead and plants lead contamination remediation of lead Pb in the environment radioactive Pb

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  • Dharmendra K. Gupta
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  • Soumya Chatterjee
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  • Clemens Walther
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  1. 1.Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate ChangeIndira Paryavaran BhavanAliganj, New DelhiIndia
  2. 2.Defence Research LaboratoryDefence Research & Development OrganisationTezpurIndia
  3. 3.Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität HannoverInstitut für Radioökologie und Strahlenschutz (IRS)HannoverGermany

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