Architects of Change

Designing Strategies for a Turbulent Business Environment

  • Jeremy Ghez

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About this book


“It is common to hear that we are living in turbulent times: ones of anger and extremism.  It is much less common to hear what to do about it.  This book helps decision-makers move beyond the noise, arguing that they can be transformative even as private citizens. It pulls you away from ‘business as usual’ and empowers you to become an agent of change with the strategic tools necessary for success." 

Greg Treverton, Former Chairman of the US National Intelligence Council

What is the difference between a fire fighter and an architect? One deals with crises as they arise while the other is capable of building something that can withstand all weathers.


Using this analogy, Architects of Change provides you with the tools to grasp, leverage and harness the dynamics that shape tomorrow's markets. It encourages you to nurture an entrepreneurial mind-set to transform the way a business – or even an entire industry – operates. Tackling crucial topics related to geopolitics, creative destruction, fake news, resilience and creativity, this book gives you the tools to analyse your environment and future trends in order to reinvent the way you do business. It teaches you how to:


·         Identify actors of change

·         Conduct simulations about the future

·         Assess threats of political instability

·         Build a strategy for a profitable and sustainable firm amid ongoing uncertainty

·         Become an architect of change yourself.


Containing original interviews with industry insiders, including a world-famous expert on brands and luxury, the former CEO of a major think tank, a thought leader from CISCO, the former chairman of the US National Intelligence Council, and a former chief political scientist of a large Asian bank, this book helps you to understand the type of imagination and creativity this business environment requires not only to survive, but thrive.


Microeconomics MBA Strategic forsight Business disruption Change agent Geopolitical analysis Uncertainty strategic agility resilience

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