Emerging Technologies for the Analysis of Forensic Traces

  • Simona Francese

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. James Gooch, Alvaro Varela Morillas, Nunzianda Frascione
    Pages 75-102
  3. Bryn Flinders, Tom Bassindale, Ron M. A. Heeren
    Pages 133-149
  4. Céline Weyermann, Korn-usa Techabowornkiat
    Pages 157-178
  5. Francesco Saverio Romolo
    Pages 183-202
  6. Francesco Saverio Romolo, Antonio Palucci
    Pages 207-240
  7. Lorna Dawson, David Parratt, Derek Auchie
    Pages 245-263
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 271-275

About this book


This book provides a line of communication between academia and end users/practitioners to advance forensic science and boost its contribution to criminal investigations and court cases. By covering the state of the art of  promising technologies for the analysis of trace evidence using a controlled vocabulary, this book targets the chemical and the analytical academic community as well as, crucially, informing the end users on novel and potential forensic opportunities for the fight against crime.

By reporting end users commentaries at the end of each chapter, the relevant academic community is provided with clear indications on where to direct further technological developments in order to meet the law requirements for operational deployment, as well as the specific needs of the end users.

Promising chemistry based technologies and analytical techniques as well as techniques that have already shown to various degrees an operational character are covered. Majority of the techniques covered have imaging capabilities, that is the ability to visualise the distribution of the target molecules within the trace evidence recovered. This feature enhances intelligibility of the information making it also accessible to a lay audience such as that typically found with a court jury. Trace evidence discussed in this book include fingermarks, bodily fluids, hair, gunshot residues, soil, ink and questioned documents thus covering a wide range of possible evidence recovered at crime scenes.


Criminal profiling through fingermark analysis Body fluid smart detection and discrimination Detection of drugs and metabolites in hair Soil analysis Ink and questioned document analysis Detection of gunshot residues Trace evidence analysis Trace evidence vocabulary Forensic analysis technology

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