Aesthetic Realism

  • Inês Morais

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About this book


“This book is a timely addition to the growing discussion about aesthetic realism and the many ramifications this debate has for philosophical aesthetics in general. In this thought-provoking contribution, we hear a strong and interesting voice which will no doubt shape the scholarly discussion for some time to come.”

Elisabeth Schellekens, Professor of Aesthetics, Uppsala University, Sweden

“Inês Morais writes a fluent, elegant prose, has a tough-minded and analytical approach to texts and issues at hand, and is clear and soberly assertive.”

António M. Feijó, Professor of Literary Theory, University of Lisbon, Portugal

“Inês Morais’ book on aesthetic realism is both accessible and rigorous. It is an excellent contribution to the debate."

Nick Zangwill, Ferens Chair of Philosophy, University of Hull, UK


This compelling book defends realism concerning the aesthetic—in particular, concerning the aesthetic properties of works of art (including works of literature).  Morais lucidly argues that art criticism, when referring to aesthetic properties, is referring not ultimately to the critic’s subjective reactions, but to genuine properties of the works. With a focus on contemporary discussion conducted in the analytic tradition, as well as on arguments by Hume and Kant, this book characterizes the debate in aesthetics and the philosophy of art concerning aesthetic realism, examining attacks on the objectivity of values, the ‘autonomy thesis’, and Hume’s sentimentalism. Considering and defusing scepticism concerning the significance of the ontological debate about aesthetic realism, Morais discusses two powerful attacks on aesthetic realism before defending the doctrine against them and providing a positive realist account of aesthetic properties.


metaphysics aesthetics beauty aesthetic realism aesthetic properties

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