Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine

Tissue Engineering and Clinical Applications

  • Vahid Serpooshan
  • Sean M. Wu

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Christopher W. Anderson, Jiesi Luo, Lorenzo R. Sewanan, Mehmet H. Kural, Muhammad Riaz, Jinkyu Park et al.
    Pages 1-18
  3. Arne A. N. Bruyneel, Tyler Muser, Vaidya Parthasarathy, Dries Feyen, Mark Mercola
    Pages 19-34
  4. Kristin M. French, Michael E. Davis
    Pages 35-62
  5. Martin L. Tomov, Andrea Theus, Rithvik Sarasani, Huyun Chen, Vahid Serpooshan
    Pages 63-77
  6. Michael J. Hill, Morteza Mahmoudi, Parisa P. S. S. Abadi
    Pages 79-106
  7. Longjun Gu, Jinghan Feng, Donghui Zhang, Pu Chen
    Pages 107-123
  8. Wuqiang Zhu, Danielle Pretorius, Jianyi Zhang
    Pages 141-171
  9. Ray P. Prajnamitra, Yuan-Yuan Cheng, Li-Lun Chen, Patrick C. H. Hsieh
    Pages 173-184
  10. Miranda D. Diaz, Karen L. Christman
    Pages 185-206
  11. Elda Dzilic, Stefanie Doppler, Rüdiger Lange, Markus Krane
    Pages 207-221
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 227-233

About this book


This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date resource on the use of regenerative medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. It provides a much-needed review of the rapid development and evolution of bio-fabrication techniques to engineer cardiovascular tissues as well as their use in clinical settings. The book incorporates recent advances in the biology, biomaterial design, and manufacturing of bioengineered cardiovascular tissue with their clinical applications to bridge the basic sciences to current and future cardiovascular treatment. 

The book begins with an examination of state-of-the-art cellular, biomaterial, and macromolecular technologies for the repair and regeneration of diseased heart tissue. It discusses advances in nanotechnology and bioengineering of cardiac microtissues using acoustic assembly. Subsequent chapters explore the clinical applications and translational potential of current technologies such as cardiac patch-based treatments, cell-based regenerative therapies, and injectable hydrogels. The book examines how these methodologies are used to treat a variety of cardiovascular diseases including myocardial infarction, congenital heart disease, and ischemic heart injuries. Finally, the volume concludes with a summary of the most prominent challenges and perspectives on the field of cardiovascular tissue engineering and clinical cardiovascular regenerative medicine.

Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine is an essential resource for physicians, residents, fellows, and medical students in cardiology and cardiovascular regeneration as well as clinical and basic researchers in bioengineering, nanomaterial and technology, and cardiovascular biology.


3D bioprinting of cardiovascular tissues Bioengineered cardiovascular tissues Cardiac biomaterials Cardiovascular regeneration Cardiovascular regenerative medicine Cardiovascular tissue engineering Congenital heart disease Ischemic heart injuries Myocardial infarction

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  • Vahid Serpooshan
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  • Sean M. Wu
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  1. 1.Department of Biomedical EngineeringEmory University School of Medicine and Georgia Institute of TechnologyAtlantaUSA
  2. 2.Cardiovascular Institute and Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular MedicineStanford UniversityStanfordUSA

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