The Perioperative Medicine Consult Handbook

  • Molly Blackley Jackson
  • Ronald Huang
  • Elizabeth Kaplan
  • Somnath Mookherjee

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Ronald Huang, Divya Gollapudi, Paul B. Cornia
    Pages 1-6
  3. Edie P. Shen, Rachel Thompson
    Pages 7-11
  4. Christopher S. Kim, Molly Blackley Jackson
    Pages 13-24
  5. Wendy Suhre
    Pages 25-33
  6. Sabeena Setia
    Pages 35-45
  7. Paul B. Cornia, Kay M. Johnson, Molly Blackley Jackson
    Pages 47-57
  8. Karen Elaine Segerson
    Pages 59-64
  9. Michael J. Lenaeus, Kelly M. Nakamura
    Pages 65-71
  10. Kay M. Johnson, Paul B. Cornia
    Pages 73-81
  11. Tiffany Chen
    Pages 83-88
  12. Michael L. Hall, G. Alec Rooke
    Pages 89-97
  13. Pallavi Arora, Divya Gollapudi
    Pages 99-106
  14. Tiffany Chen
    Pages 107-118
  15. Kara J. Mitchell
    Pages 119-123
  16. Alexander Pratt
    Pages 125-129
  17. Eve M. Lake, Jennifer R. Lyden, Jeanie C. Yoon
    Pages 131-141
  18. Kay M. Johnson, Kara J. Mitchell
    Pages 143-150
  19. Neha Deshpande, Gabrielle Berger
    Pages 151-156
  20. Tara Spector
    Pages 157-162
  21. Gabrielle Berger, Ronald Huang
    Pages 163-169
  22. Ronald Huang
    Pages 171-179
  23. Anna Fahy Hagan, Scott Hagan
    Pages 181-187
  24. Mala M. Sanchez, Paul B. Cornia
    Pages 189-195
  25. Meghaan Hawes
    Pages 197-212
  26. Scott Hagan, Anna Fahy Hagan
    Pages 213-217
  27. Maya Narayanan
    Pages 219-226
  28. Shobha W. Stack, Oyebimpe O. Adesina
    Pages 227-231
  29. Anna L. Golob
    Pages 233-237
  30. Sandra Demars, Tyler Lee
    Pages 239-245
  31. Mehraneh Khalighi, Elizabeth Kaplan, Hojoong Kim
    Pages 247-258
  32. Pallavi Arora
    Pages 259-265
  33. Tyler J. Albert, Paul B. Cornia
    Pages 267-271
  34. Eric Mar
    Pages 273-277
  35. Brian S. Porter
    Pages 287-292
  36. Joshua O. Benditt
    Pages 293-296
  37. Joshua O. Benditt
    Pages 297-300
  38. Maya Narayanan, Sabeena Setia
    Pages 301-305
  39. Yilin Zhang, Joana Lima Ferreira
    Pages 307-314
  40. Lauren Brown
    Pages 315-322
  41. Stefanie Deeds
    Pages 323-330
  42. Elizabeth Kaplan
    Pages 331-333
  43. Jessica Woan, Kara J. Mitchell
    Pages 335-339
  44. Sabeena Setia, Mehraneh Khalighi, George Alec Rooke
    Pages 341-349
  45. Alexander Pratt, Molly Blackley Jackson
    Pages 351-355
  46. Christopher J. Wong
    Pages 357-362
  47. Katherin Peperzak, Preetma Kooner
    Pages 363-369
  48. David S. Levitt, Jared W. Klein
    Pages 371-380
  49. Kim O’Connor, Molly Blackley Jackson
    Pages 381-386

About this book


This comprehensive third edition provides robust support to clinicians providing perioperative care for patients. Patients with a range of medical conditions undergo surgeries of varying levels of risk, and the evolving field of consult medicine aims to address their needs, whether pre- or post-surgery. This book offers evidence and experience-based information, advice, and guidelines on all aspects of perioperative medicine. Care around surgeries in many major clinical areas are included, including cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, endocrinology and so on. This new edition has been updated throughout with the latest literature, more visual content (tables and algorithms), and eleven new chapters on topics such as: chronic pain, congestive heart failure, hormone therapy and transgender patients, and postoperative hypoxemia. This new edition focuses on high value care in order to improve outcomes, including minimizing complications and readmissions. It also provides streamlined key points for caring for patients with medical diagnoses that may be especially complicated around surgery. This resource is invaluable for practicing physicians (including medical consultants, surgeons, and anesthesiologists) and other professionals who aim to optimize care of surgical patients.



consult medicine consult perioperative postoperative preoperative surgical patient

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  • Ronald Huang
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  • Elizabeth Kaplan
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  • Somnath Mookherjee
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