A Guide to Pediatric Anesthesia

  • Craig Sims
  • Dana Weber
  • Chris Johnson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Craig Sims, Tanya Farrell
    Pages 1-26
  3. Craig Sims, John Thompson
    Pages 27-53
  4. Craig Sims, Lisa Khoo
    Pages 55-76
  5. Britta von Ungern-Sternberg, Craig Sims
    Pages 77-114
  6. Ric Bergesio, Marlene Johnson
    Pages 115-134
  7. Craig Sims, Tom Flett
    Pages 135-154
  8. Philip Russell
    Pages 155-179
  9. Tom Rawlings, Tom Flett
    Pages 181-197
  10. Priya Thalayasingam, Dana Weber
    Pages 199-220
  11. Chris Johnson, Chris Gibson
    Pages 221-239
  12. Britta von Ungern-Sternberg, David Sommerfield
    Pages 241-258
  13. Alison Carlyle, Soo-Im Lim
    Pages 259-279
  14. Prani Shrivastava, Dana Weber
    Pages 281-286
  15. Chris Johnson, Dan Durack
    Pages 287-314
  16. Claudia Rebmann
    Pages 315-333
  17. Ian Forsyth, Rohan Mahendran
    Pages 335-350
  18. Marlene Johnson, Craig Sims
    Pages 351-363
  19. Martyn Lethbridge, Erik Anderson
    Pages 373-380
  20. Serge Kaplanian
    Pages 381-395
  21. Neil Chambers, Siva Subramaniam
    Pages 397-403
  22. Rohan Mahendran
    Pages 405-410
  23. Mairead Heaney
    Pages 411-419
  24. Elaine Christiansen
    Pages 421-425
  25. Mary Hegarty
    Pages 427-442
  26. Neil Chambers, Yu-Ping Chen
    Pages 465-474
  27. Craig Sims, Dana Weber
    Pages 475-478
  28. Daniel Alexander
    Pages 479-491
  29. Dana Weber, Craig Sims
    Pages 493-502
  30. Charlotte Jorgensen
    Pages 503-514
  31. Back Matter
    Pages 521-539

About this book


The second edition of the successful book "Your Guide to Pediatric Anesthesia" offers a practical approach to pediatric anesthesia with a concise account of the topic in a reader-friendly format. The book begins with an overview of pediatric anesthesia then continues with chapters related to different pediatric surgeries and the relevant anesthetic issues, including a chapter of emergency scenarios in pediatric anesthesia. The final section has chapters containing past exam questions in pediatric anesthesia, a set of clinical scenarios written in an exam question and answer format, and a glossary of syndromes and conditions with brief, important information and practical recommendations. The book also includes an accurate and comprehensive index which helps readers guide themselves through the book.

Written in a consistent, exam-focused, non-academic writing style, chapters provide a clear explanation of each topic with a review of management options, discussing advantages and disadvantages, and concluding with a suggested practical approach in each case. It contains the syllabus for the College exams, but is also full of practical techniques and discussion for trainees during their pediatric rotation. It is relevant and useful for anesthetists who have completed their exams and are now caring for children in their practice.

A Guide to Pediatric Anesthesia covers the important topics at a level suitable for trainees, occasional pediatric anesthetists and anesthetic assistants.


neonatal anesthesia pediatric airway pediatric anesthetic pharmacology pediatric intensive care anesthetic equipment

Editors and affiliations

  • Craig Sims
    • 1
  • Dana Weber
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  • Chris Johnson
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Anaesthesia and Pain ManagementPerth Children’s HospitalNedlandsAustralia
  2. 2.Department of Anaesthesia and Pain ManagementPerth Children’s HospitalNedlandsAustralia
  3. 3.Formerly Department of Anaesthesia and Pain ManagementPrincess Margaret Hospital for ChildrenSubiacoAustralia

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