Advances in Computer Vision

Proceedings of the 2019 Computer Vision Conference (CVC), Volume 1

  • Kohei Arai
  • Supriya Kapoor
Conference proceedings CVC 2019

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 943)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Georgios Karagiannis, Søren Olsen, Kim Pedersen
    Pages 1-15
  3. Zhangsihao Yang, Haoliang Jiang, Lan Zou
    Pages 16-26
  4. Javier Diaz-Cely, Carlos Arce-Lopera, Juan Cardona Mena, Lina Quintero
    Pages 27-38
  5. Davit Buniatyan, Sergiy Popovych, Dodam Ih, Thomas Macrina, Jonathan Zung, H. Sebastian Seung
    Pages 39-58
  6. Haruna Chiroma, Abdulsalam Ya’u Gital, Nadim Rana, Shafi’i M. Abdulhamid, Amina N. Muhammad, Aishatu Yahaya Umar et al.
    Pages 59-70
  7. Niall O’Mahony, Sean Campbell, Anderson Carvalho, Suman Harapanahalli, Gustavo Velasco Hernandez, Lenka Krpalkova et al.
    Pages 128-144
  8. Shintaro Hashimoto, Kosuke Namihira
    Pages 145-158
  9. Ali Aminian, Guevara Noubir
    Pages 159-177
  10. Jonas König, Simon Malberg, Martin Martens, Sebastian Niehaus, Artus Krohn-Grimberghe, Arunselvan Ramaswamy
    Pages 178-191
  11. Koray Ozcan, Anuj Sharma, Skylar Knickerbocker, Jennifer Merickel, Neal Hawkins, Matthew Rizzo
    Pages 192-204
  12. Jiaojiao He, Yongping Zhang, Tuozhong Yao
    Pages 205-221
  13. Matthew G. Reyes, David L. Neuhoff, Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
    Pages 237-256
  14. Jesús Jaime Moreno Escobar, Oswaldo Morales Matamoros, Ricardo Tejeida Padilla, Juan Pablo Francisco Posadas Durán
    Pages 284-302
  15. J. Josiah Steckenrider, Tomonari Furukawa
    Pages 303-316
  16. Andrés Ovidio Restrepo-Rodríguez, Daniel Esteban Casas-Mateus, Paulo Alonso Gaona-García, Carlos Enrique Montenegro-Marín
    Pages 326-338
  17. Md. J. Rahman, S. S. Beauchemin, M. A. Bauer
    Pages 339-349
  18. Feng Jiang, Yan Pang, ThienNgo N. Lee, Chao Liu
    Pages 350-360
  19. Ahmet İlhan, Şerife Kaba, Enver Kneebone
    Pages 361-368
  20. Sergiy Popovych, Davit Buniatyan, Aleksandar Zlateski, Kai Li, H. Sebastian Seung
    Pages 369-383
  21. Mohammed Abuhussein, Aaron L. Robinson
    Pages 384-393
  22. Ananya Anand, Namrata Anand
    Pages 402-415
  23. Hiteshwari Sabrol, Satish Kumar
    Pages 434-443
  24. Daniele Amparore, Enrico Checcucci, Marco Gribaudo, Pietro Piazzolla, Francesco Porpiglia, Enrico Vezzetti
    Pages 477-496
  25. Gichun Cha, Byungjoon Yu, Sehwan Park, Seunghee Park
    Pages 497-502
  26. Mojtaba Heidarysafa, James Reed, Kamran Kowsari, April Celeste R. Leviton, Janet I. Warren, Donald E. Brown
    Pages 503-514
  27. Marius Cordea, Bogdan Ionescu, Cristian Gadea, Dan Ionescu
    Pages 535-550
  28. Clark Elliott, Cynthia Putnam, Deborah Zelinsky, Daniel Spinner, Silpa Vipparti, Abhinit Parelkar
    Pages 564-579
  29. Zhenjiang Li, Weilan Wang, Zhengqi Cai
    Pages 614-628
  30. Darragh Lydon, Su Taylor, Des Robinson, Necati Catbas, Myra Lydon
    Pages 629-638
  31. Saptarshi Purkayastha, Surendra Babu Buddi, Siddhartha Nuthakki, Bhawana Yadav, Judy W. Gichoya
    Pages 648-657
  32. Sumit Agarwal, Harshit S. Sikchi, Suparna Rooj, Shubhobrata Bhattacharya, Aurobinda Routray
    Pages 658-670
  33. Alexander Kuvaev, Roman Khudorozhkov
    Pages 671-677

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About these proceedings


This book presents a remarkable collection of chapters covering a wide range of topics in the areas of Computer Vision, both from theoretical and application perspectives. It gathers the proceedings of the Computer Vision Conference (CVC 2019), held in Las Vegas, USA from May 2 to 3, 2019. The conference attracted a total of 371 submissions from pioneering researchers, scientists, industrial engineers, and students all around the world. These submissions underwent a double-blind peer review process, after which 120 (including 7 poster papers) were selected for inclusion in these proceedings.

The book’s goal is to reflect the intellectual breadth and depth of current research on computer vision, from classical to intelligent scope. Accordingly, its respective chapters address state-of-the-art intelligent methods and techniques for solving real-world problems, while also outlining future research directions. Topic areas covered include Machine Vision and Learning, Data Science, Image Processing, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision Applications.


Computer Vision Algorithms 3D Computer Vision Deep Learning for Vision Soft Computing Artificial Intelligence Pattern Recognition Optimization Methods Support Vector Machines Neural Networks Affective Computing SAI CVC2018 CVC

Editors and affiliations

  • Kohei Arai
    • 1
  • Supriya Kapoor
    • 2
  1. 1.Saga UniversitySagaJapan
  2. 2.The Science and Information (SAI) OrganizationBradfordUK

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