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Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I

An Introduction to Atmosphere—Ocean Dynamics: Homogeneous Fluids


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About this book


This textbook develops a fundamental understanding of geophysical fluid dynamics by providing a mathematical description of fluid properties, kinematics and dynamics as influenced by earth’s rotation. Its didactic value is based on elaborate treatment of basic principles, derived equations, exemplary solutions and their interpretation.

Both starting graduate students and experienced scientists can closely follow the mathematical development of the basic theory applied to the flow of uniform density fluids on a rotating earth, with (1) basic physics introducing the "novel" effects of rotation for flows on planetary scales, (2) simplified dynamics of shallow water and quasi-geostrophic theories applied to a variety of steady, unsteady flows and geophysical wave motions, demonstrating the restoring effects of Coriolis acceleration, earth’s curvature (beta) and topographic steering, (3) conservation of vorticity and energy at geophysical scales, and (4) specific applications to help demonstrate the ability to create and solve new problems in this very rich field. A comprehensive review of the complex geophysical flows of the ocean and the atmosphere is closely knitted with this basic description, intended to be developed further in the second volume that addresses density stratified geophysical fluid dynamics. 


geophysical fluid dynamics inertial currents geostrophic currents quasi-geostrophic dynamics coastal seas

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Eurasia Institute of Earth SciencesIstanbul Technical UniversityIstanbulTurkey

About the authors

Emin Özsoy

Professor and head, Physical Oceanography


1977-1978: Staff Engineer, Tetra Tech Inc., Jacksonville, FL, USA

1978-1983: Assistant Professor, IMS-METU

1983-1989: Associate Professor, IMS-METU

1989-present: Professor, Physical Oceanography Section, Institute of

Marine Sciences, METU, Erdemli, Mersin, Turkey

1989: Visiting scientist, IMGA-CNR, Modena, Italy

1989-1990: Visiting Professor, UNESCO and Fulbright Fellow, Harvard

University, Cambridge, MA, USA

2014-2015: Visiting Scientist, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

2015-2016: Visiting Scientist, EIES-ITU


Research Interests and Contributions:

• Ocean modeling / Levantine Basin of the Eastern Mediterranean, Black

Sea, Caspian Sea, Turkish Straits System

• Shelf seas – circulation, cascading flows / Cilician Basin, Black Sea shelf

• Sea straits – dynamics, transport, modeling / Turkish Straits System

• Seas with islands /quasi-geostrophic dynamics

• Ecosystems /coupled hydrodynamics-ecosystem modeling

• Double diffusive convection / Black Sea boundary and interior mixing

• Operational oceanography /observing systems, forecasting

• Atmospheric science / air-sea fluxes, dust transport, meteorological


• Oceanographic use of tracers / deep water renewal, transport

• Tidal inlets / tidal jet flows, sediment transport, morphology

• Tsunamis / modeling Eastern Mediterranean tsunamis

• Climate variability and climate change / in the Seas of the Old World (e.g.

Black Sea, Mediterranean and Caspian Seas)

• History of oceanography / 17th century work of Marsili in the Bosphorus


- POEM Consortium - Physical Oceanography of the Eastern Mediterranean

- CoMSBlack Consortium – Black Sea

- Ventilation of the Black Sea – EU Copernicus Project

- ARAL-KUM – EU Copernicus Project


- MyOcean2, MyOcean FO - European Integrated Projects (Mediterranean

and Black Seas, Turkish Straits System)

- TU-Fisheries, TU-Black Sea, TU-Black Sea ODBMS - NATO Projects (Black


- MACE - NATO SfP Project (Caspian Sea)

IAEA - Environmental Pollution of the Black Sea Coordinated Research

Project (Black Sea)

MOMA - TÜBİTAK Public Research Group Project (observing and

forecasting systems)

TÜBİTAK research projects (Mediterranean and Black Seas, Turkish

Straits System)

Other local research projects (Akkuyu NPP Tsunami, Shelf projects,

SEKA, İskenderun, İSKİ - Turkish Straits System, İTÜVSAM / TURBO)


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