From Research to Clinical Practice

  • Giovanni Luca Ceresoli
  • Emilio Bombardieri
  • Maurizio D'Incalci

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Dario Mirabelli, Alessandro Marinaccio, Pietro Comba, Corrado Magnani
    Pages 1-18
  3. Nico van Zandwijk, Glen Reid
    Pages 19-33
  4. Manlio Mencoboni, Paola Taveggia, Claudio Francesco Simonassi, Rosa Angela Filiberti
    Pages 35-43
  5. Anna Aspesi, Marika Sculco, Simonetta Guarrera, Elisabetta Casalone, Laura Moro, Corrado Magnani et al.
    Pages 45-67
  6. Elisabeth Digifico, Cristina Belgiovine, Alberto Mantovani, Paola Allavena
    Pages 69-84
  7. Ilaria Fuso Nerini, Roberta Frapolli
    Pages 85-98
  8. Gabriella Fontanini, Greta Alì, Rossella Bruno
    Pages 99-122
  9. Paolo Andrea Zucali
    Pages 123-138
  10. Christopher M. Straus, Samuel G. Armato III
    Pages 139-152
  11. Anna K. Nowak, Samuel G. Armato III
    Pages 153-166
  12. Fabrizia Gelardi, Andrea Marciano, Paola Anna Erba, Arturo Chiti
    Pages 167-175
  13. Lawrence Okiror, Andrea Bille
    Pages 177-184
  14. Federico Rea, Eleonora Faccioli, Giuseppe Marulli
    Pages 185-203
  15. Marta Scorsetti, Davide Franceschini, Fiorenza De Rose, Vittorio Vavassori
    Pages 205-220
  16. Letizia Gianoncelli, Maria Bonomi, Giovanni Luca Ceresoli
    Pages 221-233
  17. Loredana Urso, Giulia Pasello
    Pages 243-259
  18. Loredana Urso, Giulia Pasello
    Pages 261-269
  19. R. A. Belderbos, R. Cornelissen, J. G. J. V. Aerts
    Pages 271-280
  20. S. Brosseau, V. Gounant, G. Zalcman
    Pages 281-299
  21. Marcello Deraco, Shigeki Kusamura, Marcello Guaglio, Antonello Cabras, Eran Nizri, Dario Baratti
    Pages 301-322
  22. Marta Betti, Federica Grosso
    Pages 323-330

About this book


This book offers an updated review of malignant mesothelioma, including the latest advances in our understanding of its genetic control and molecular biology, as well as pre-clinical and clinical research. It also presents state-of-the-art diagnostic approaches and therapeutic options, and an open discussion on the future prospects for patient management.

Malignant mesothelioma is an enormous global health problem related to asbestos exposure. Despite the best efforts of scientists and oncologists, the prognosis for those affected remains poor. Due to anatomical characteristics and non-specific symptoms, the diagnosis of mesothelioma at an early stage is often difficult, while surgery and radiotherapy are only of limited use, even if some multimodality approaches seem promising. In turn, medical treatments are sometimes successful in tumor control, but have little impact on overall survival. However, advances in our understanding of the disease’s biology, together with the availability of new drugs and combinations, make mesothelioma an essential and highly topical field for pre-clinical and clinical studies.

This book is subdivided into four parts: epidemiology and preclinical data, diagnosis, therapy, and extrathoracic mesothelioma. It highlights the progress made in a variety of areas – e.g. in vitro and in vivo experimental models, genetics, environment, biomarkers, targeting agents, immunotherapy, metabolic imaging and ongoing clinical trials – and describes the standard clinical management of mesothelioma patients, including those with extra-thoracic localizations. Given its scope, the book offers an invaluable tool for researchers, oncologists and clinicians alike.


Lung tumors Thoracic oncology Pleural diseases Cancer diagnosis and treatment Radiological imaging Hybrid radiometabolic imaging Radiotherapy Immunotherapy Clinical trials Asbestosis Tumor microenvironment

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  • Giovanni Luca Ceresoli
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  • Emilio Bombardieri
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  • Maurizio D'Incalci
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  3. 3.Department of OncologyIstituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCSMilanoItaly

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