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Trauma and Human Rights

Integrating Approaches to Address Human Suffering

  • Lisa D. Butler
  • Filomena M. Critelli
  • Janice Carello
  • Bridges the conceptual gap between an expansion of international human rights law and increased attention to treatment systems that incorporate trauma-informed care from the mental health community

  • Examines how the key principles described converge and intersect in multiple and complex ways, applying a base framework to a broad range of vulnerable groups and communities

  • Highlights how a trauma-informed human rights framework can serve as an effective guide for assessment and intervention


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Janice Carello, Lisa D. Butler, Filomena M. Critelli
    Pages 1-10
  3. Lisa D. Butler, Filomena M. Critelli
    Pages 11-53
  4. Elizabeth A. Bowen, Nadine Shaanta Murshid, Amanda Brylinski-Jackson, Shirley Gatenio Gabel
    Pages 55-74
  5. Christopher St. Vil, Noelle M. St. Vil
    Pages 99-124
  6. Molly R. Wolf, Shraddha Prabhu, Janice Carello
    Pages 125-149
  7. Filomena M. Critelli, Jane McPherson
    Pages 151-177
  8. Isok Kim, S. Megan Berthold, Filomena M. Critelli
    Pages 221-240
  9. Jacqueline McGinley, Deborah Waldrop
    Pages 241-264
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 321-336

About this book


“This volume is a sorely needed corrective, examining trauma through the lens of power and oppression.”

-Steven N Gold, PhD, Director of Trauma Resolution & Integration Program and Professor at Center for Psychological Studies, Nova Southeastern University, USA

“As a whole, the book is an impressive addition to the literature and will encourage more effective practice across the micro-macro spectrum.”

-Lynne M. Healy, PhD, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor Emerita, University of Connecticut, USA

“(A) seminal work that…should be essential reading for anyone interested in better understanding human rights and trauma.”

-Zachary Steel, PhD, St John of God Chair in Trauma and Mental Health, School of Psychiatry, University of New South Wales, Australia

Human rights violations and traumatic events often comingle in victims’ experiences; however, the human rights framework and trauma theory are rarely deployed together to illuminate such experiences. This edited volume explores the intersection of trauma and human rights by presenting the development and current status of each of these frameworks, examining traumatic experiences and human rights violations across a range of populations and describing efforts to remediate them. Individual chapters address these topics among Native Americans, African Americans, children, women, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender individuals, those with mental disabilities, refugees and asylees, and older adults, and also in the context of social policy and truth and reconciliation commissions. The authors demonstrate that the trauma and human rights frameworks each contribute invaluable and complementary insights, and that their integration can help us fully appreciate and address human suffering at both individual and collective levels.


Trauma Studies Trauma Care Trauma-informed Framework Human Rights Social Justice Human Rights Violations Social Policy Minority Groups Cultural Trauma Historical Trauma Theory Childhood Trauma Adolescent Trauma Gender Studies LGBTQ Studies Immigrants Refugees

Editors and affiliations

  • Lisa D. Butler
    • 1
  • Filomena M. Critelli
    • 2
  • Janice Carello
    • 3
  1. 1.School of Social WorkUniversity at BuffaloBuffaloUSA
  2. 2.School of Social WorkUniversity at BuffaloBuffaloUSA
  3. 3.Department of Social WorkEdinboro UniversityEdinboroUSA

About the editors

Lisa D. Butler, PhD, is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at the University at Buffalo, in Buffalo, NY, USA.

Filomena M. Critelli, PhD, is Associate Professor and the Co-Director of the Institute for Sustainable Global Engagement in the School of Social Work at the University at Buffalo, in Buffalo, NY, USA. 

Janice Carello, LMSW, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work at Edinboro University, in Edinboro, PA, USA. 

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