Narratives of Hurricane Katrina in Context

Literature, Film and Television

  • Arin Keeble

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'This immensely thought-provoking study engages with the representation of Katrina across a variety of narrative forms — from the literary fiction of Jesmyn Ward to the cinema of Werner Herzog. In doing so, it reveals a series of compelling links between a diverse selection of texts and a powerful, under-scrutinized connection between Katrina, 9/11 and that preceding disaster’s divisive legacies. This is urgent yet nuanced scholarship and Keeble navigates a path through complex debates about trauma, memory and nationhood in an unfailingly articulate and insightful fashion.'
— Samuel Thomas, Associate Professor in the Department of English Studies, Durham University, UK

​'Bringing race, place and  politics into painful focus, Arin Keeble’s Narratives of Hurricane Katrina in Context offers an excellent and authoritative  study of Katrina’s cultural legacy.'
— James Annesley, Senior Lecturer in American Literature, Newcastle University, UK

'In Narratives of Hurricane Katrina in Context, Arin Keeble provides a vital examination of the “slow violence” linking cultural responses to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Approaching both events with a characteristic clearness and sensitivity, he expands a new and necessary field of studies that works harder to contextualise US responses to these “national” tragedies through the interrogative frameworks of neoliberalism, cultural trauma, and multidirectional memory.'
— Rachel Sykes, Lecturer in Contemporary American Literature, University of Birmingham, UK


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