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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Nicole Wellbrock, Bernd Ahrends, Rebekka Bögelein, Andreas Bolte, Nadine Eickenscheidt, Erik Grüneberg et al.
    Pages 1-28 Open Access
  3. Nicole Wellbrock, Nadine Eickenscheidt, Erik Grüneberg, Rebekka Bögelein
    Pages 29-54 Open Access
  4. Heike Puhlmann, Paul Schmidt-Walter, Peter Hartmann, Henning Meesenburg, Klaus von Wilpert
    Pages 55-91 Open Access
  5. Henning Meesenburg, Winfried Riek, Bernd Ahrends, Nadine Eickenscheidt, Erik Grüneberg, Jan Evers et al.
    Pages 93-121 Open Access
  6. Stefan Fleck, Nadine Eickenscheidt, Bernd Ahrends, Jan Evers, Erik Grüneberg, Daniel Ziche et al.
    Pages 123-166 Open Access
  7. Erik Grüneberg, Ingo Schöning, Winfried Riek, Daniel Ziche, Jan Evers
    Pages 167-198 Open Access
  8. Jens Utermann, Cihan Tarih Aydın, Norbert Bischoff, Jürgen Böttcher, Nadine Eickenscheidt, Joachim Gehrmann et al.
    Pages 199-229 Open Access
  9. Marc Marx, Juliane Ackermann, Simone Schmidt, Jens Utermann, Bernd M. Bussian
    Pages 231-259 Open Access
  10. Ulrike Talkner, Winfried Riek, Inge Dammann, Martin Kohler, Axel Göttlein, Karl Heinz Mellert et al.
    Pages 261-293 Open Access
  11. Hagen S. Fischer, Barbara Michler, Daniel Ziche, Anton Fischer
    Pages 295-309 Open Access
  12. Nadine Eickenscheidt, Heike Puhlmann, Winfried Riek, Paul Schmidt-Walter, Nicole Augustin, Nicole Wellbrock
    Pages 311-354 Open Access
  13. Andreas Bolte, Joachim Block, Johannes Eichhorn, Tanja G. M. Sanders, Nicole Wellbrock
    Pages 355-374 Open Access
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 375-384

About this book


This book is an open access publication.

Forest ecosystems in Central Europe are changing as a result of anthropogenic influences and changing climate conditions. As such, a large-scale monitoring programme was undertaken in order to understand the influence of site modification, deposition of air pollutants, and climate.

This book presents the scientific findings of this study for Germany, including the major challenges with regard to the future preservation and management of forest ecosystems under environmental change. In addition, it addresses a number of central questions: what are the main factors affecting forest stands and soil integrity? How, and how rapidly, are forest ecosystems changing? How diverse are the changes across Germany? What will be the main risks in sustainable forest management in the future? And how can policy support the development and maintenance of adaptive and resilient forests that provide essential ecosystem services, today and in the future?

Helping readers understand the importance of soils and related ecosystem processes for future sustainable forestry, and sharing essential findings on environmental change and related changes in forest status and dynamics, the book is a valuable resource for researchers and policymakers interested in science-based decisions.


Carbon cycle Ecosystem function Forestry Nitrogen cycle Soil acidification Sustainable use Open access

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  • Nicole Wellbrock
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  • Andreas Bolte
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  1. 1.Thünen Institute of Forest EcosystemsEberswaldeGermany
  2. 2.Thünen Institute of Forest EcosystemsEberswaldeGermany

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