11th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference

  • Christos H. Skiadas
  • Ihor Lubashevsky
Conference proceedings CHAOS 2018

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Complexity book series (SPCOM)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Šarlota Birnšteinová, Michal Hnatič, Tomáš Lučivjanský, Lukáš Mižišin
    Pages 27-36
  3. Šarlota Birnšteinova, Juha Honkonen, Tomáš Lučivjanský, Viktor Škultéty
    Pages 37-49
  4. José R. Fernández, Antonio Magaña, Ramón Quintanilla
    Pages 51-63
  5. Veronika Hajnová
    Pages 77-84
  6. Nafiseh Hematpour, Sodeif Ahadpour, Sohrab Behnia
    Pages 85-93
  7. Michal Hnatič, Georgii Kalagov, Tomáš Lučivjanský, Peter Zalom
    Pages 95-111
  8. Ilja Honkonen, Juha Honkonen
    Pages 113-121
  9. N. Jevtić, S. Shaffer, P. Stine
    Pages 123-133
  10. Vladimir L. Kalashnikov, Sergey L. Cherkas
    Pages 135-147
  11. Avadis Hacınlıyan, Engin Kandıran
    Pages 149-158
  12. Michal Hnatič, Nikolay M. Gulitskiy, Tomáš Lučivjanský, Lukáš Mižišin, Viktor Škultéty
    Pages 175-187
  13. Meflah Mabrouk, Khoukhi Alae Nore
    Pages 189-194
  14. L. Ts. Adzhemyan, M. Hnatič, M. V. Kompaniets, T. Lučivjanský, L. Mižišin
    Pages 195-204
  15. Luc R. Pastur, Nan Deng, Marek Morzyński, Bernd R. Noack
    Pages 205-213
  16. Volodymyr Rusyn, Sviatoslav Khrapko
    Pages 229-238
  17. Aleksandr Shvets, Serhii Donetskyi
    Pages 257-264
  18. Aleksandr Shvets, Vasiliy Sirenko
    Pages 265-273
  19. Adriana P. B. Tufaile, Michael Snyder, Timm A. Vanderelli, Alberto Tufaile
    Pages 275-287
  20. Alberto Tufaile, Adriana P. B. Tufaile
    Pages 289-301
  21. Vitalii Yunko, Małgorzata Białous, Szymon Bauch, Michał Ławniczak, Leszek Sirko
    Pages 303-315
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 317-318

About these proceedings


Gathering the proceedings of the 11th CHAOS2018 International Conference, this book highlights recent developments in nonlinear, dynamical and complex systems. The conference was intended to provide an essential forum for Scientists and Engineers to exchange ideas, methods, and techniques in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Fractals and their applications in General Science and the Engineering Sciences. 

The respective chapters address key methods, empirical data and computer techniques, as well as major theoretical advances in the applied nonlinear field. Beyond showcasing the state of the art, the book will help academic and industrial researchers alike apply chaotic theory in their studies. 


Non-linear dynamical systems Attractors and fractals Neural Synchronisation Turbulent systems Separatrix Chaos topology and absorption Chaos theory Complex dynamics

Editors and affiliations

  • Christos H. Skiadas
    • 1
  • Ihor Lubashevsky
    • 2
  1. 1.ManLab, Technical University of CreteChania, CreteGreece
  2. 2.Complex Systems Modeling LaboratoryThe University of AizuAizuwakamatsu, FukushimaJapan

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