An Integrative Paradigm for Mental Health Care

Ideas and Methods Shaping the Future

  • James H. Lake

About this book


This crucial volume provides a concise overview of the conceptual foundations and clinical methods underlying the rapidly emerging subspecialty of integrative mental healthcare. It discusses methods for guiding practitioners to individualized integrative strategies that address unique symptoms and circumstances for each patient and includes practical clinical techniques for developing interventions addressed at wellness, prevention, and treatment.

Included among the overview:

  • Meeting the challenges of mental illness through integrative mental health care.
  • Evolving paradigms and their impact on mental health care
  • Models of consciousness: How they shape understandings of normal mental functioning and mental illness
  • Foundations of methodology in integrative mental health care
  • Treatment planning in integrative mental health care
  • The future of mental health care

A New Paradigm for Integrative Mental Healthcare is relevant and timely for the increasing numbers of patients seeking integrative and alternative care for depressed mood, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other mental health problems such as fatigue and chronic pain.

“Patients are crying out for a more integrative approach, and this exemplary book provides the template for achieving such a vision.”
-Jerome Sarris, MHSc, PhD, ND

“For most conventionally trained clinicians the challenge is not “does CAM work?” but “how do I integrate CAM into my clinical practice?” Lake’s comprehensive approach answers this central question, enabling the clinician to plan truly integrative and effective care for the mind and body.”
-Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH


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