The Geology of Egypt

  • Zakaria Hamimi
  • Ahmed El-Barkooky
  • Jesús Martínez Frías
  • Harald Fritz
  • Yasser Abd El-Rahman

Part of the Regional Geology Reviews book series (RGR)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Nagy Shawky Botros, Ahmed A. Madani, Mohamed Ahmed, Bassam Abdellatif, Yasser M. Abd El-Rahman et al.
    Pages 1-35
  3. Mohammed Z. El-Bialy
    Pages 37-79
  4. Robert J. Stern, Kamal Ali
    Pages 131-151
  5. Zakaria Hamimi, Mohamed A. Abd El-Wahed
    Pages 153-189
  6. Baher El Kalioubi, Abdel-Rahman Fowler, Karim Abdelmalik
    Pages 191-251
  7. Adel R. Moustafa
    Pages 253-294
  8. W. Bosworth, S. M. Khalil, M. Ligi, D. F. Stockli, K. R. McClay
    Pages 343-374
  9. Abd El-Aziz Khairy Abd El-Aal, Wael Hagag, Kamal Sakr, Mohamed Saleh
    Pages 375-413
  10. L. Folco, W. U. Reimold, A. El-Barkooky
    Pages 415-444
  11. Mohamed A. Hamdan, Fekri A. Hassan
    Pages 445-493
  12. Wagieh E. El-Saadawi, Samar Nour-El-Deen, Zainab M. El-Noamani, Mona H. Darwish, Marwah M. Kamal El-Din
    Pages 495-520
  13. Mortada El Aref, Yasser Abd El-Rahman, Basem Zoheir, Adel Surour, Hassan M. Helmy, Amr Abdelnasser et al.
    Pages 521-587
  14. Ahmed El-Kammar, Adel Surour, Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Hassan Khozyem
    Pages 589-634
  15. Ahmed El-Kammar, Nader A. A. Edress
    Pages 659-686
  16. Mustafa El-Rawy, Fathy Abdalla, Mohamed El Alfy
    Pages 687-711

About this book


This richly illustrated book offers a concise overview of the geology of Egypt in the context of the geology of the Arab Region and Northeast Africa. An introductory chapter on history of geological research in Egypt sheds much light on the stages before and after the establishment of Egyptian Geological Survey (the second oldest geological survey worldwide), Hume's book and Said's 1962, 1990 books. The book starts with the Precambrian geology of Egypt, in terms of lithostratigraphy and classifications, structural and tectonic framework, crustal evolution and metamorphic belts. A dedicated chapter discusses the Paleozoic-Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonics and structural evolution of Egypt. A chapter highlights the Red Sea tectonics and the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba Rifts. Subsequent chapters address the Phanerozoic geology from Paleozoic to Quaternary. The Egyptian Impact Crater(s) and Meteorites are dealt with in a separate chapter. The Earth resources in Egypt, including metallic and non-metallic ore deposits, hydrocarbon and water resources, are given much more attention throughout four chapters. The last chapter addresses the seismicity, seismotectonics and neotectonics of Egypt.


Historical Geology Structural Geology Lithostratigraphy Egyptian Precambrian Geology Crustal Deformation Petroleum Geology Seismotectonic zones Mineral resources Red Sea

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  • Ahmed El-Barkooky
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  • Jesús Martínez Frías
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  • Harald Fritz
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  • Yasser Abd El-Rahman
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