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Growth Poles of the Global Economy: Emergence, Changes and Future Perspectives

  • Elena G. Popkova


  • Describes the potential growth poles of the modern global economy and substantiates their advantages compared to the current growth poles

  • Includes fundamental substantiation and practical recommendations

  • Discusses the process of overcoming the consequences of the global financial crisis


Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 73)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Factors and Conditions of Emergence of Growth Poles of the Modern Global Economy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. A. M. Zulpuev, K. Baktygulov, B. S. Ordobayev, Sh. S. Abdykeeva, Zh. M. Torokeldieva
      Pages 3-13
    3. Abduvap M. Zulpuev, Konushbek Temikeev, Urmatbek B. Mamytov, Arseniy A. Mesheryakov
      Pages 15-23
    4. Roman R. Chugumbaev, Gilyan V. Fedotova, Yulia N. Nesterenko, Nina Chugumbaeva, Vladimir I. Barilenko
      Pages 25-36
    5. Malokhat K. Madumarova, Altinay M. Yusupova, Nazira D. Tilekova, Baktygul T. Ismailova, Asylkan B. Batyrkulova, Aygul B. Batyrkulova
      Pages 37-47
    6. I. A. Abdurasulov, T. S. Umarov, S. T. Imanbekov, A. I. Abdurasulov
      Pages 49-58
    7. Elena B. Ivushkina, Anton N. Samodelov, Irina B. Kushnir, Nelli I. Morozova, Natalia Z. Aliyeva
      Pages 75-81
    8. Innara R. Lyapina, Svetlana A. Orlova, Elena E. Semenova, Maria A. Stepanova
      Pages 97-107
    9. Irina B. Kushnir, Elena B. Ivushkina, Nelli I. Morozova, Anton N. Samodelov
      Pages 109-120
    10. Elena V. Dudina, Irina A. Baranovskaia, Svetlana V. Derepasko, Nadezda P. Rudnikova, Hristina V. Dolzhikova
      Pages 121-129
    11. Evgeniy N. Stroev, Liubov V. Plakhova, Elena A. Sotnikova, Olga A. Lebedeva, Nataliya A. Skvortsova
      Pages 131-141
    12. Anna V. Shokhnekh, Olga A. Mironova, Natalia M. Boboshko, Alexey S. Karataev, Galina E. Karataeva
      Pages 143-150
    13. Tatiana A. Yudina, Tatiana A. Samsonenko, Tsogik A. Grigoryan, Elena A. Eremina, Aida S. Karamova
      Pages 151-158
    14. Zhanna V. Gornostaeva, Yulia V. Sorokina
      Pages 177-184
    15. Aleksei V. Bogoviz, Sergey V. Shkodinsky, Anna A. Skomoroshchenko, Inna V. Mishchenko, Tatiana D. Malyutina
      Pages 185-192

About this book


The book presents the best contributions from the international scientific conference “Growth Poles of the Global Economy: Emergence, Changes and Future,” which was organized by the Institute of Scientific Communications (Volgograd, Russia) together with the universities of Kyrgyzstan and various other cities in Russia. The 143 papers selected, focus on spatial and sectorial structures of the modern global economy according to the theory of growth poles.

 It is intended for representatives of the academic community: university and college staff developing study guides on socio-humanitarian disciplines in connection with the theory of growth poles, researchers, and undergraduates, masters, and postgraduates who are interested in the recent inventions and developments in the field. It is also a valuable resource for expert practitioners managing entrepreneurial structures in the existing and prospective growth poles of the global economy as well as those at international institutes that regulate growth poles.

The first part of the book investigates the factors and conditions affecting the emergence of the growth poles of the modern global economy. The second part then discusses transformation processes in the traditional growth poles of the global economy under the influence of the technological progress. The third part examines how social factors affect the formation of new growth poles of the modern global economy. Lastly, the fourth part offers perspectives on the future growth of the global economy on the basis of the digital economy and Industry 4.0.


Economic Growth Poles Global Economy Global Financial Crisis Sustainable Development Economy

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  • Elena G. Popkova
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  1. 1.Plekhanov Russian University of EconomicsMoscowRussia

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