Modern Development Paths of Agricultural Production

Trends and Innovations

  • Volodymyr Nadykto
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Part I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Nikolai Struchaiev, Larysa Bondarenko, Olexandr Vershkov, Andrei Chaplinskiy
      Pages 3-10
    3. Ludmyla Chernyshova, Serhii Kiurchev, Oleg Peniov, Vitaliy Cherkun
      Pages 11-16
    4. Volodymyr Didur, Volodymyr Kyurchev, Andriy Chebanov, Anatoliy Aseev
      Pages 17-27
    5. Halyna Hrytsaienko, Igor Hrytsaienko, Andriy Bondar, Dmitry Zhuravel
      Pages 29-40
    6. Mykola Hrytsaienko, Yuri Rogach, Mykhailo Zorya
      Pages 41-52
    7. Oleksandr Karaiev, Lyudmyla Tolstolik, Ivan Chyzhykov, Tetiana Karaieva
      Pages 53-62
    8. Yuliia Kholodniak, Yevhen Havrylenko, Iryna Pykhtieieva, Viktor Shcherbyna
      Pages 63-73
    9. Volodymyr Kiurchev, Yevhenii Serbii, Svitlana Shevchenko
      Pages 75-84
    10. Dmytro Lubko, Sergii Sharov, Oksana Strokan
      Pages 99-109
    11. Oleksandr Matkovskyi, Oleksandr Karaiev, Serhii Sankov, Tetiana Karaieva
      Pages 121-131
    12. Evgeniy Mikhailov, Marina Postnikova, Natalia Zadosnaia, Oleg Afanasyev
      Pages 133-137
    13. Dmytro Milko, Viacheslav Bratishko, Volodymyr Kuzmenko, Oleksandr Kholodiuk
      Pages 139-144
    14. Serhii Movchan, Olena Dereza, Serhii Mazilin, Serhii Dereza
      Pages 145-160
    15. Volodymyr Nadykto, Oleksandr Karaiev, Volodymyr Kyurchev, Hristo Beloev
      Pages 161-167
    16. Oleksii Novyk, Valeriia Panina, Halyna Dashyvets, Andriy Bondar
      Pages 177-182
    17. Volodymyr Bulgakov, Oleksandr Parakhin, Vasil Mitkov, Tetiana Chorna
      Pages 183-190
    18. Kyrylo Samoichuk, Nadiia Zahorko, Vadym Oleksiienko, Serhii Petrychenko
      Pages 191-197
    19. Vitaliy Serbiy, Volodymyr Diuzhaiev, Halyna Antonova, Olena Mykhailenko
      Pages 199-216
    20. Nadiia Serskykh, Igor Britchenko
      Pages 217-222
    21. Viktor Sheichenko, Igor Marynchenko, Vitaliy Shevchuk, Natalia Zadosnaia
      Pages 223-232
    22. Viktor Sheichenko, Gedal Hailis, Igor Dudnikov, Tetiana Chorna
      Pages 233-247
    23. Alexander Skliar, Boris Boltyanskyi, Natalia Boltyanska, Denis Demyanenko
      Pages 249-258
    24. Olga Sushko, Serhii Kiurchev, Oleksandr Kolodii, Roman Bakardzhyiev
      Pages 259-266
    25. Valentyna Odyntsova, Serhii Sushko, Larysa Bondarenko, Nina Shcherbakova
      Pages 267-280
    26. Oleksandr Lomeiko, Lilia Yefimenko, Vira Tarasenko
      Pages 281-288
    27. Volodymyr Tarasenko, Larysa Bondarenko, Nina Shcherbakova, Natalia Horbova
      Pages 289-298
    28. Natalia Sosnytska, Olena Titova, Svitlana Symonenko, Olena Kravets
      Pages 299-306
    29. Svitlana Symonenko, Nataliia Zaitseva, Olena Titova, Margaryta Vynogradova
      Pages 307-315
    30. Igor Palamarchuk, Serhii Kiurchev, Liudmyla Kiurcheva, Valentyna Verkholantseva
      Pages 317-322
    31. Angela Voloshina, Anatolii Panchenko, Igor Panchenko, Andrii Zasiadko
      Pages 323-336
  3. Part II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 337-337
    2. Viacheslav Gerasymenko, Volodymyr Kozyrskyi, Natalia Maiborodina, Oleksandr Kovalov
      Pages 339-347
    3. Vadim Hulevskyi, Yurii Stopin, Yulia Postol, Mariia Dudina
      Pages 349-354
    4. Anton Kashkarov, Volodymyr Diordiiev, Andrii Sabo, Gennadii Novikov, Olexandr Diordiiev
      Pages 355-363
    5. Oleksandr Kovalov, Sergey Kvitka, Oleksandr Solomakha, Viacheslav Gerasymenko
      Pages 365-373
    6. Olga Lysenko, Mykola Kuznetsov, Andriy Chebanov, Svitlana Adamova
      Pages 385-394
    7. Marina Postnikova, Evgeniy Mikhailov, Dina Nesterchuk, Olga Rechina
      Pages 395-403
    8. Nikolai Struchaiev, Yulia Postol, Yurii Stopin, Ivan Borokhov
      Pages 405-414
    9. Oleksandr Vovk, Sergey Kvitka, Serhii Halko, Oleksandr Strebkov
      Pages 415-423
  4. Part III

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 425-425
    2. Mykola Hrytsaienko, Halyna Hrytsaienko, Larysa Andrieieva, Larysa Boltianska
      Pages 427-440
    3. Oleksii Hudzynskyi, Yulia Hudzynska, Svitlana Sudomyr, Mariia Sudomyr
      Pages 441-449
    4. Sergey Kalchenko, Tetiana Popova, Denis Eremenko, Larisa Eremenko
      Pages 451-461

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This book presents the latest trends and challenges in the development of general engineering and mechanical engineering in particular. Energy sector workers will benefit from findings that reveal innovative ways to solve electrical engineering challenges especially those based on the use of electro technologies. Agricultural and horticultural product processors will find the scientifically grounded recommendations in this book on extending the period of its storage, improving quality, etc. very useful and timely. The effectiveness of the practical application of the trends presented in this book is based on the results of relevant scientific research in the direction of the agricultural production, its economics,management, finance and marketing.


Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering and Energy Technologies Rural Economies Technologies of Agricultural Product Processing Trends and Challenges in Agricultural Engineering

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