The Rise and Fall of Peacebuilding in the Balkans

  • Roberto Belloni

Part of the Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies book series (RCS)

Table of contents

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  4. Dayton, or Liberal Imposition

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      Pages 55-79
  5. Brussels, or the Power of Attraction

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    2. Roberto Belloni
      Pages 109-134
  6. Tuzla, or the Local Turn

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      Pages 171-171
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About this book


​This book examines the evolution of liberal peacebuilding in the Balkans since the mid-1990s. After more than two decades of peacebuilding intervention, widespread popular disappointment by local communities is increasingly visible. Since the early 2010s, difficult conditions have spurred a wave of protest throughout the region. Citizens have variously denounced the political system, political elites, corruption and mismanagement. Rather than re-evaluating their strategy in light of mounting local discontent, international peacebuilding officials have increasingly adopted cynical calculations about stability. This book explains this evolution from the optimism of the mid-1990s to the current state through the analysis of three main phases, moving from the initial ‘rise’, to a later condition of ‘stalemate’ and then ‘fall’ of peacebuilding.
Roberto Belloni is Professor of International Relations at the University of Trento, Italy. He has written extensively on peacebuilding and democratization, with particular reference to the Balkans. He is the holder of the Jean Monnet Chair ‘The European Union and the Western Balkans: Enlargement and Resilience’ (2018-2021).


peacebuilding Balkans pragmatism European Union corruption informal actors informal institutions clientelism civil-society anti-corruption NGOs EU englargement soft power local ownership unemployment self-determination claims Euroscepticism geopolitics social movements civic activism

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