Interpolation and Realization Theory with Applications to Control Theory

In Honor of Joe Ball

  • Vladimir Bolotnikov
  • Sanne ter Horst
  • André C.M. Ran
  • Victor Vinnikov

Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 272)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xli
  2. Meric Augat, J. William Helton, Igor Klep, Scott McCullough
    Pages 43-60
  3. Sriram Balasubramanian, Scott McCullough, Udeni Wijesooriya
    Pages 61-70
  4. Sushil Gorai, Jaydeb Sarkar
    Pages 117-131
  5. G. J. Groenewald, S. ter Horst, J. Jaftha, A. C. M. Ran
    Pages 133-154
  6. S. ter Horst, M. A. Kaashoek, F. van Schagen
    Pages 155-212
  7. Zinaida A. Lykova, N. J. Young, Amos E. Ajibo
    Pages 235-247
  8. Robert T. W. Martin, Andriamanankasina Ramanantoanina
    Pages 249-305
  9. Arjan van der Schaft
    Pages 329-341
  10. Allen Tannenbaum, Tryphon T. Georgiou, Joseph O. Deasy, Larry Norton
    Pages 343-353

About this book


This volume is devoted to Joseph A. (Joe) Ball’s contributions to operator theory and its applications and in celebration of his seventieth birthday.

Joe Ball’s career spans over four and a half decades, starting with his work on model theory and related topics for non-contractions and operators on multiply connected domains. Later on, more applied operator theory themes appeared in his work, involving factorization and interpolation for operator-valued functions, with extensive applications in system and control theory. He has worked on nonlinear control, time-varying systems and, more recently, on multidimensional systems and noncommutative H∞-theory on the unit ball and polydisk, and more general domains, and these are only the main themes in his vast oeuvre.

Fourteen research papers constitute the core of this volume, written by mathematicians who have collaborated with Joe or have been influenced by his vast mathematical work. A curriculum vitae, a publications list and a list of Joe Ball’s PhD students are included in this volume, as well as personal reminiscences by colleagues and friends.

Contributions by Yu. M. Arlinskii, S. Hassi, M. Augat, J. W. Helton, I. Klep, S. McCullough, S. Balasubramanian, U. Wijesooriya, N. Cohen, Q. Fang, S. Gorai, J. Sarkar, G. J. Groenewald, S. ter Horst, J. Jaftha, A. C. M. Ran, M.A. Kaashoek, F. van Schagen, A. Kheifets, Z. A. Lykova, N. J. Young, A. E. Ajibo, R. T. W. Martin, A. Ramanantoanina, M.-J. Y. Ou, H. J. Woerdeman, A. van der Schaft, A. Tannenbaum, T. T. Georgiou, J. O. Deasy and L. Norton.


selfadjoint systems holomorphic inverse problem model theory factorization interpolation

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  • Victor Vinnikov
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