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Einstein and Heisenberg

The Controversy Over Quantum Physics

  • Revisits Einstein’s 100-year-old revolutionary theory of gravitational waves and Heisenberg's contributions to quantum physics, in light of recent groundbreaking experiments in the field that prove these waves exist

  • Written by an internationally renowned experimental physicist

  • Appeals to anybody curious about the history behind technology we take for granted, from small objects like computers and lasers to larger projects like spacecraft and nuclear energy

  • Debunks the myths surrounding these two legendary scientists


Part of the Springer Biographies book series (SPRINGERBIOGS)

Table of contents

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    Pages 139-164
  8. Back Matter
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About this book


This is a fascinating account of two great scientists of the 20th century: Einstein and Heisenberg, discoverers, respectively, of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. It connects the history of modern physics to the life stories of these two extraordinary physicists.These discoveries laid the foundation of modern physics, without which our digitized world of computers, satellites, and innovative materials would not be possible. This book also describes in comprehensible terms the complicated science underlying the two discoveries.The twin biography highlights the parallels and differences of these two luminaries, showing how their work shaped the 20th century into the century of physics.


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Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Universität München, Universität MainzMünchenGermany

About the authors

Konrad Kleinknecht is a Professor of Experimental Physics. He has done research at CERN, in Geneva, and at the Universities of Heidelberg, Dortmund, Mainz, and Munich. During 1976, he worked at Caltech in Pasadena and at the Fermi National Laboratory near Chicago. In 1988 and 1989, he was invited to give the Loeb lectures at Harvard University. His work on the physics of elementary particles has been recognized through numerous prizes, among them the Leibniz Prize of the German Research Council (DFG), the High Energy Prize of the European Physical Society, and the Stern-Gerlach Medal of the German Physical Society (DPG). In addition to research papers, he has published books on the asymmetry of matter and anti-matter, particle detectors, and the politics of German energy policy.

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“It is a fascinating read for everybody interested in the science and culture of their time. … This is an ambitious book, which tells the story of the birth of modern physics in a well-documented and well-illustrated way. The author has managed brilliantly to do this in a serious, but nevertheless entertaining, way, which will make the book a pleasant read for all.” (Peter Jenni, CERN Courier,, Vol. 60 (2), 2020)