Recent Trends in Algebraic Combinatorics

  • Hélène Barcelo
  • Gizem Karaali
  • Rosa Orellana

Part of the Association for Women in Mathematics Series book series (AWMS, volume 16)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Georgia Benkart, Tom Halverson
    Pages 1-41
  3. Linda Chen, Julianna Tymoczko
    Pages 43-74
  4. Susanna Fishel
    Pages 75-113
  5. Maria Gillespie
    Pages 115-158
  6. Angela Hicks
    Pages 159-188
  7. Sarah K. Mason
    Pages 239-279
  8. Anna Puskás
    Pages 333-362

About this book


This edited volume features a curated selection of research in algebraic combinatorics that explores the boundaries of current knowledge in the field. Focusing on topics experiencing broad interest and rapid growth, invited contributors offer survey articles on representation theory, symmetric functions, invariant theory, and the combinatorics of Young tableaux. The volume also addresses subjects at the intersection of algebra, combinatorics, and geometry, including the study of polytopes, lattice points, hyperplane arrangements, crystal graphs, and Grassmannians. All surveys are written at an introductory level that emphasizes recent developments and open problems. An interactive tutorial on Schubert Calculus emphasizes the geometric and topological aspects of the topic and is suitable for combinatorialists as well as geometrically minded researchers seeking to gain familiarity with relevant combinatorial tools.

Featured authors include prominent women in the field known for their exceptional writing of deep mathematics in an accessible manner. Each article in this volume was reviewed independently by two referees. The volume is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in algebraic combinatorics.



Algebraic Combinatorics Algebra Group Theory Representation Theory Number Theory Survey papers on algebraic combinatorics Partition Algebras symmetric polytopes and spheres Shi Arrangement diagonal harmonics Schubert Calculus Ehrhart Polynomials women in algebraic combinatorics Association for Women in Mathematics recent trends in algebraic combinatorics

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  • Hélène Barcelo
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  • Gizem Karaali
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  • Rosa Orellana
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