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Pectus Excavatum and Poland Syndrome Surgery

Custom-Made Silicone Implants by Computer Aided Design

  • Jean-Pierre Chavoin


  • Provides step-by-step information on the CAD of anatomic implants

  • Discusses complications of this minimally invasive surgery

  • Edited by an expert of CAD custom-made implants


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Benoit Chaput, Alexane Laguerre, Jean-Pierre Chavoin
    Pages 1-12
  3. Benjamin Moreno, Pierre Leyx, Jean-Pierre Chavoin
    Pages 13-33
  4. Jean-Pierre Chavoin, Marcel Dahan, Benjamin Moreno, Jean-Louis Grolleau, Benoit Chaput
    Pages 35-55
  5. Jean-Pierre Chavoin, Mohcine Taizou, Benjamin Moreno, Jean-Louis Grolleau, Benoit Chaput
    Pages 57-69
  6. Jean-Pierre Chavoin, Mary Morgan, Richard Vaucher, Benjamin Moreno, Benoit Chaput, Jean-Louis Grolleau
    Pages 71-87
  7. Louis Daussy, Elise Noel-Savina, Alain Didier, Daniel Riviere
    Pages 115-123
  8. Samir S. Shah, Pankaj Kumar Mishra
    Pages 125-131
  9. Françoise Le Pimpec Barthes, Ian Hunt, Samir S. Shah, Antonio Messineo, Louis Daussy, Aymeric André et al.
    Pages 133-147

About this book


This book with accompanying videos focuses on pectus excavatum correction using custom-made silicone implants. It discusses patient evaluation, the minimally invasive procedure and follow-up care. It also describes in detail, and in a way that is comprehensible for practicing clinicians, the procedure for creating silicone implants using a scanner (computer-aided design). Further, the book presents the possibility of using fat grafting to correct this congenital deformity and highlights secondary surgical procedures and complications (e.g. infections). 

Correcting pectus excavatum using a computer-aided design silicone implant is a simple and reliable technique that yields high-quality, aesthetic results. In the medium term, the approach may render invasive techniques obsolete, however, these operations remain risky.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Jean-Pierre Chavoin
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  1. 1.Plastic Surgery DepartmentRangueil Hospital, Toulouse University HospitalToulouseFrance

About the editors

Professor Jean-Pierre Chavoin received his medical degree in 1976 from the Toulouse School of Medicine, France, and has been a university professor and chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Toulouse University Hospital for 14 years. In 2009, he was elected as president of the French Society of Plastic Surgery (SOFPRE) in which he also served as secretary from 1995-2007. 
Professor Chavoin has authored more than 200 scientific articles in national and international journals and published 4 books in French. He is a specialist and medical expert on pectus excavatum and Poland syndrome.

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“This is a unique treatise on a fairly common congenital deformity. … Since pediatricians, cardiologists, and plastic surgeons are likely to see patients with these syndromes, they are the main target audience. … Physicians who diagnose or treat these patients will come away with insights into the syndromes and be equipped with the therapeutic modalities to correct them.” (Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Doody's Book Reviews, October 25, 2019)