Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Theodor Borangiu, Olivier Cardin, Radu F. Babiceanu, Adriana Giret, Karel Kruger, Silviu Răileanu et al.
    Pages 20-37
  3. Cloud Manufacturing: Architectures, Services and Implementation in Production Control

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 39-39
    2. Cristina Morariu, Silviu Răileanu, Theodor Borangiu, Florin Anton
      Pages 41-52
    3. Ian M. Cavalcante, Enzo M. Frazzon, Fernando A. Forcellini
      Pages 53-66
    4. Stanisław Strzelczak, Stanisław Marciniak
      Pages 67-85
    5. Mihai Crăciunescu, Ştefan Mocanu, Dan Merezeanu, Radu Dobrescu
      Pages 86-96
    6. Tatiana Avdeenko, Marina Murtazina
      Pages 97-108
    7. Chiara Cimini, Giuditta Pezzotta, Roberto Pinto, Sergio Cavalieri
      Pages 109-120
  4. Human-Centred Design for Adaptive Manufacturing Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 121-121
    2. Quentin Berdal, Marie-Pierre Pacaux-Lemoine, Damien Trentesaux, Christine Chauvin
      Pages 123-132
    3. Johannes Leuvennink, Karel Kruger, Anton Basson
      Pages 133-144
    4. Etienne Valette, Hind Bril El-Haouzi, Guillaume Demesure, Vincent Boucinha
      Pages 145-155
    5. Julie Bibaud-Alves, Hind Bril El-Haouzi, Philippe Thomas, Vincent Boucinha
      Pages 156-167
  5. Service Oriented, Multi-Agent Systems for Holonic Manufacturing Control

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 169-169
    2. Silviu Răileanu, Florin Anton, Theodor Borangiu, Octavian Morariu, Iulia Iacob
      Pages 171-182
    3. Mohammed El Amin Tebib, Pascal André, Olivier Cardin
      Pages 183-196
    4. Maroua Nouiri, Damien Trentesaux, Abdelghani Bekrar, Adriana Giret, Miguel A. Salido
      Pages 197-210
    5. Ana M. Chiriac, Andrei Lăcătuşu, Cosmin Popa, Ştefan Mocanu, Radu Dobrescu
      Pages 211-221
    6. Melissa Demartini, Filippo Bertani, Flavio Tonelli
      Pages 222-232
    7. Luis Alberto Cruz Salazar, Oscar Amaury Rojas Alvarado, Edgar Chacón
      Pages 233-246
  6. Digital Transformation of the Management in Construction and Transport

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 247-247
    2. Hind Bril El-Haouzi, William Derigent, André Thomas
      Pages 249-260
    3. Brian Robertson, Raj Srinivasan, Duncan McFarlane
      Pages 261-272
    4. Andrea Diaz, Damien Trentesaux
      Pages 273-284
    5. Tarik Chargui, Abdelghani Bekrar, Mohamed Reghioui, Damien Trentesaux
      Pages 295-307
    6. Fatemeh Navazi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Zeinab Sazvar, Pedram Memari
      Pages 308-321
  7. Intelligent Manufacturing Control, Supply Chain and Logistics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 323-323
    2. Emmanuel Zimmermann, Hind Bril El-Haouzi, Philippe Thomas, Rémi Pannequin, Mélanie Noyel
      Pages 337-348
    3. Ionuţ Craiu, Luminiţa Duţă
      Pages 349-359
    4. Abed Zabihian, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Pedram Memari, Fariborz Jolai
      Pages 360-371
    5. Asmaa Kamal, Iman Badr, Adel Darwish
      Pages 372-383
    6. Esmaeil Mehdizadeh, Mansour Shamoradifar
      Pages 384-395
  8. Cyber-Physical Production Systems and Industrial Internet of Things for Industry 4.0

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 397-397
    2. Anro Redelinghuys, Anton Basson, Karel Kruger
      Pages 412-423
    3. Miha Pipan, Jernej Protner, Niko Herakovič
      Pages 424-435
    4. Cyrine Selma, Dalila Tamzalit, Nasser Mebarki, Olivier Cardin, Loic Bruggeman, Didier Thiériot
      Pages 436-447
    5. Ahmadzai Ahmadi, Ali Hassan Sodhro, Chantal Cherifi, Vincent Cheutet, Yacine Ouzrout
      Pages 448-459
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 461-462

About these proceedings


This book gathers the peer-reviewed papers presented at the 8th edition of the International Workshop “Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing – SOHOMA’18” held at the University of Bergamo, Italy on June 11–12, 2018. The objective of the SOHOMA annual workshops is to foster innovation in smart and sustainable manufacturing and logistics systems by promoting new concepts, methods and solutions that use service orientation of agent-based control technologies with distributed intelligence.

Reflecting the theme of SOHOMA’18: “Digital transformation of manufacturing with agent-based control and service orientation of Internet-scale platforms”, the research included focuses on how the digital transformation, as advocated by the “Industry 4.0”, “Industrial Internet of Things”, “Cyber-Physical Production Systems” and “Cloud Manufacturing” frameworks, improves the efficiency, agility and sustainability of manufacturing processes, products, and services, and how it relates to the interaction between the physical and informational worlds, which is implemented in the virtualization of products, processes and resources managed as services.


Computational Intelligence Service Orientation in Holonic Manufacturing Multi-agent Manufacturing Holonic Manufacturing SOHOMA’18 Proceedings

Editors and affiliations

  • Theodor Borangiu
    • 1
  • Damien Trentesaux
    • 2
  • André Thomas
    • 3
  • Sergio Cavalieri
    • 4
  1. 1.Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science (Automatica)University Politehnica of BucharestBucharestRomania
  2. 2.LAMIH UMR CNRS 8201University of ValenciennesValenciennes Cedex 9France
  3. 3.École Nationale Supérieure des Tech.University of LorraineEpinal Cedex 9France
  4. 4.Department of Management, Information and Production EngineeringUniversità degli Studi di BergamoDalmine (BG)Italy

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