Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2018

Volume 1

  • Kohei Arai
  • Rahul Bhatia
  • Supriya Kapoor
Conference proceedings FTC 2018

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 880)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Rodrigo Hübner, Linnyer Beatryz Ruiz Aylon, Gilmar Barreto
    Pages 1-18
  3. Lin Feng, Youchen Du, Shenglan Liu, Li Xu, Jie Wu, Hong Qiao
    Pages 46-54
  4. Liliang Chan, Pai Peng, Xiangyu Liu, Xixi Cao, Houwei Cao
    Pages 55-62
  5. Carlos Gordón, Patricio Encalada, Henry Lema, Diego León, Cristian Peñaherrera
    Pages 63-78
  6. Vanessa Julia Carpenter, Amanda Willis, Nikolaj “Dzl” Møbius, Dan Overholt
    Pages 104-121
  7. Alejandro Gómez-Cárdenas, Xavi Masip-Bruin, Eva Marín-Tordera, Sarang Kahvazadeh
    Pages 122-133
  8. Joseph Lindley, Paul Coulton, Rachel Cooper
    Pages 134-151
  9. Byron Guanochanga, Rolando Cachipuendo, Walter Fuertes, Santiago Salvador, Diego S. Benítez, Theofilos Toulkeridis et al.
    Pages 171-184
  10. Hessa Mohammed Zaher Al Shebli, Babak D. Beheshti
    Pages 196-204
  11. Faisal Alsubaei, Abdullah Abuhussein, Sajjan Shiva
    Pages 205-224
  12. Md. Sadad Mahamud, Md. Manirul Islam, Md. Saniat Rahman, Samiul Haque Suman
    Pages 225-234
  13. Fawzi BenMessaoud, Thomas Sewell III, Sarah Ryan
    Pages 235-240
  14. Hamed H. Afshari, Shahrzad Jalali, Amir H. Ghods, Bijan Raahemi
    Pages 298-312
  15. Neda Soltani, Elham Hormizi, S. Alireza Hashemi Golpayegani
    Pages 343-358
  16. Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, David Liau, K. Suzanne Barber
    Pages 369-384
  17. Jiahui Gao, Qijin Cheng, Philip L. H. Yu
    Pages 385-400
  18. Abeer Abdel Khaleq, Ilkyeun Ra
    Pages 401-417
  19. Iqra Muhammad, Usman Qamar, Rabia Noureen
    Pages 435-443
  20. Jaime Niño, German Hernandez, Andrés Arévalo, Diego Leon, Javier Sandoval
    Pages 444-457
  21. Halim Djerroud, Arab Ali Cherif
    Pages 481-489
  22. Abduljalil Mohamed, Mohamed Salah Hamdi, Sofiene Tahar
    Pages 490-504
  23. Venu G. Dasigi, Orlando Karam, Sailaja Pydimarri
    Pages 505-516
  24. Hongfei Hou, Zhiqun Daniel Deng, Jayson J. Martinez, Tao Fu, Jun Lu, Li Tan et al.
    Pages 517-529
  25. Swe Swe Aung, Shin Ohsawa, Itaru Nagayama, Shiro Tamaki
    Pages 530-547
  26. Sanjay N. Talbar, Satishkumar S. Chavan, Abhijit Pawar
    Pages 548-556
  27. Nidhi Saxena, Rochan Sharma, Karishma Joshi, Hukum Singh Rana
    Pages 589-597
  28. S. M. N. Arosha Senanayake, Siti Asmah @ Khairiyah Binti Haji Raub, Abdul Ghani Naim, David Chieng
    Pages 598-615
  29. George Abdou, Nadi Atalla
    Pages 616-625
  30. Sergey Avdoshin, Elena Pesotskaya
    Pages 626-639
  31. Yu Hou, Lixin Tao
    Pages 649-658

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  1. Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2018
    Volume 1
  2. Volume 2

About these proceedings


The book, presenting the proceedings of the 2018 Future Technologies Conference (FTC 2018), is a remarkable collection of chapters covering a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to computing, electronics, artificial intelligence, robotics, security and communications and their real-world applications. The conference attracted a total of 503 submissions from pioneering researchers, scientists, industrial engineers, and students from all over the world. After a double-blind peer review process, 173 submissions (including 6 poster papers) have been selected to be included in these proceedings. FTC 2018 successfully brought together technology geniuses in one venue to not only present breakthrough research in future technologies but to also promote practicality and applications and an intra- and inter-field exchange of ideas.

In the future, computing technologies will play a very important role in the convergence of computing, communication, and all other computational sciences and applications. And as a result it will also influence the future of science, engineering, industry, business, law, politics, culture, and medicine.


Providing state-of-the-art intelligent methods and techniques for solving real-world problems, as well as a vision of the future research, this book is a valuable resource for all those interested in this area.


Computing Electronics Intelligent Systems Rebotics Machine Vision Security and Communications FTC 2018

Editors and affiliations

  • Kohei Arai
    • 1
  • Rahul Bhatia
    • 2
  • Supriya Kapoor
    • 3
  1. 1.Saga University SagaJapan
  2. 2.The Science and Information (SAI) OrganizationBradfordUK
  3. 3.The Science and Information (SAI) OrganizationBradfordUK

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