Polymer/POSS Nanocomposites and Hybrid Materials

Preparation, Properties, Applications

  • Susheel Kalia
  • Krzysztof Pielichowski

Part of the Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials book series (SSPCM)

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  2. Enrico Boccaleri, Fabio Carniato
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  3. Anna Kowalewska
    Pages 45-128
  4. M. Pracella
    Pages 129-166
  5. Edyta Hebda, Krzysztof Pielichowski
    Pages 167-204
  6. Biswajit Sarkar
    Pages 205-231
  7. Eric David, Thomas Andritsch
    Pages 233-254
  8. Sasikumar Ramachandran, Alagar Muthukaruppan
    Pages 255-297
  9. Anna Kosmalska, Marian Zaborski
    Pages 299-336
  10. Ming Hui Chua, Hui Zhou, Jianwei Xu
    Pages 337-372
  11. Hossein Yahyaei, Mohsen Mohseni, H. Ghanbari
    Pages 373-394
  12. Hossein Yahyaei, Mohsen Mohseni
    Pages 395-413

About this book


This book provides an overview of polymer nanocomposites and hybrid materials with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS). Among inorganic nanoparticles, functionalized POSS are unique nano-building blocks that can be used to create a wide variety of hybrid and composite materials, where precise control of nanostructures and properties is required. This book describes the influence of incorporation of POSS moieties into (organic) polymer matrices on the mechanical, thermal and flammability behavior of composites and hybrid organic-inorganic materials. Importantly, POSS-containing materials can be bio-functionalized by linking e.g. peptides and growth factors through appropriate surface modification in order to enhance the haemo-compatibility of cardiovascular devices made of these materials. This volume includes descriptions of synthesis routes of POSS and POSS-containing polymeric materials (e.g. based on polyolefines, epoxy resins and polyurethanes), presentation of POSS’ role as flame retardants and as biocompatible linker, as well as the depiction of decomposition and ageing processes.


POSS Silsesquioxane Organosilicon Organic-inorganic Hybrid Materials Medical Applications Coatings Porous Hybrid Materials polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes

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