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Modern-Day Xenophobia

Critical Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on the Roots of Anti-Immigrant Prejudice


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This book engages the topic of xenophobia from both psychological and socio-political approaches. Recently, xenophobia as a social standpoint or social attitude has come under increased scrutiny by the public, scholars, and educators; however, few works have directly summarized current theories of xenophobia as well as articulated critical perspectives on the issue. This work provides an overview of the concept, historical factors related to its development, and a review of varied theoretical perspectives. The intertwining of  psychological and sociological perspectives allows the author to present a multi-dimensional, multi-layered argument in a way which effectively prevents any attempt to apply any one single over-arching theory, and thus effectively presents the complexity of the topic at hand.


Xenophobia The Other Evolutionary psychology Prejudice Nativism Post-colonial theory Social Darwinism Terror Management theory Racism Just World Theory Oedipal theory Marxist Theory Social Oppression Social Action

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  1. 1.Department of Clinical PsychologyPacifica Graduate InstituteCarpinteriaUSA

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 Oksana Yakushko is Chair of the Department of Clinical Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, USA.

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