Mechanism Design for Robotics

Proceedings of the 4th IFToMM Symposium on Mechanism Design for Robotics

  • Alessandro Gasparetto
  • Marco Ceccarelli
Conference proceedings MEDER 2018

Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 66)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Lorenzo Scalera, Stefano Seriani, Alessandro Gasparetto, Paolo Gallina
    Pages 1-8
  3. Matteo Russo, Daniele Cafolla, Marco Ceccarelli
    Pages 17-24
  4. A. Cammarata, R. Sinatra, P. D. Maddio
    Pages 25-32
  5. Yuanqing Wu, Marco Carricato
    Pages 57-68
  6. Zh. Baigunchekov, S. Ibrayev, M. Izmambetov, T. Baigunchekov, B. Naurushev, A. Mustafa
    Pages 69-76
  7. T. Essomba, M. A. Laribi, Y. Hsu, S. Zeghloul
    Pages 101-109
  8. Matthieu Furet, Philippe Wenger
    Pages 110-117
  9. S. Kaimov, Ab. T. Kaimov, A. T. Kaimov, M. Ceccarelli, T. Kaiym, G. Kaimova et al.
    Pages 118-128
  10. S. Seriani, L. Scalera, A. Gasparetto, P. Gallina
    Pages 129-137
  11. Y. Ayoubi, M. A. Laribi, S. Zeghloul, M. Arsicault
    Pages 147-157
  12. O. Arslan, S. B. Karaahmet, Ö. Selvi, D. Cafolla, M. Ceccarelli
    Pages 158-165
  13. Rasheed Kittinanthapanya, Yusuke Sugahara, Daisuke Matsuura, Yukio Takeda
    Pages 166-173
  14. Divya Shah, Giorgio Metta, Alberto Parmiggiani
    Pages 193-201
  15. Giovanni Antonio Zappatore, Giulio Reina, Arcangelo Messina
    Pages 202-210
  16. Raymundo Ramos Alvarado, Eduardo Castillo Castañeda
    Pages 227-234
  17. Giulio Trigatti, Paolo Boscariol, Lorenzo Scalera, Daniele Pillan, Alessandro Gasparetto
    Pages 235-242
  18. Walter Franco, Daniela Maffiodo, Carlo De Benedictis, Carlo Ferraresi
    Pages 251-259
  19. Paolo Boscariol, Dario Richiedei
    Pages 268-275
  20. R. Belotti, D. Richiedei, I. Tamellin
    Pages 276-283
  21. T. Oka, D. Matsuura, Y. Sugahara, J. Solis, A. L. Lindborg, Y. Takeda
    Pages 284-292
  22. Matteo Bottin, Giovanni Boschetti, Giulio Rosati
    Pages 293-301
  23. D. Costa, G. Palmieri, D. Scaradozzi, M. Callegari
    Pages 302-309
  24. Juan Sandoval, Laurence Nouaille, Gérard Poisson, Yves Parmantier, Benoit Magnain
    Pages 310-317
  25. Yingwei Guo, Zhijiang Xie, Shaoping Bai
    Pages 318-326
  26. E.-Ch. Lovasz, C. M. Gruescu, A. M. Vutan, D. T. Margineanu
    Pages 327-334
  27. Juan Sandoval, Med Amine Laribi, Said Zeghloul, Marc Arsicault
    Pages 335-343
  28. Taher Deemyad, Neda Hassanzadeh, Alba Perez-Gracia
    Pages 344-352
  29. Mario E. Herrera-Cordero, Manuel Arias-Montiel, Esther Lugo-González
    Pages 353-360
  30. Matthias Weyrer, Mathias Brandstötter, Damir Mirkovic
    Pages 361-368
  31. M. Penčić, M. Čavić, B. Borovac, Z. Lu
    Pages 369-377
  32. B. A. De la Cruz-Sánchez, M. Arias-Montiel, E. Lugo-González
    Pages 378-385
  33. Ilaria Palomba, Renato Vidoni, Erich Wehrle
    Pages 386-394
  34. A. Hernandez, O. Altuzarra, V. Petuya, Ch. Pinto, E. Amezua
    Pages 406-412
  35. G. Quaglia, P. Cavallone, C. Visconte
    Pages 413-423

About these proceedings


This volume contains the Proceedings of the 4th IFToMM Symposium on Mechanism Design for Robotics, held in Udine, Italy, 11-13 September, 2018. It includes recent advances in the design of mechanisms and their robotic applications. It treats, among others, the following topics: mechanism design, mechanics of robots, parallel manipulators, actuators and their control, linkage and industrial manipulators, innovative mechanisms/robots and their applications.

This book can be used by students, researchers and engineers in the relevant areas of mechanisms, machines and robotics. 



Mechanics of Robots Actuators and Control Linkages and Manipulators Parallel Manipulators IFToMM MEDER

Editors and affiliations

  • Alessandro Gasparetto
    • 1
  • Marco Ceccarelli
    • 2
  1. 1.Dipartimento Politecnico di Ingegneria e ArchitetturaUniversità degli Studi di UdineUdineItaly
  2. 2.Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e CivileUniversità di Cassino e del Lazio MeridionaleCassinoItaly

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