The Future of the Global Financial System: Downfall or Harmony

  • Elena G. Popkova
Conference proceedings ISC 2018

Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 57)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Development of Financial Systems of the Micro-, Meso-, and Macro-Levels

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Larisa V. Popova, T. A. Dugina, A. V. Malofeev, I. S. Korabelnikov, E. A. Likholetov
      Pages 3-9
    3. Tatiana N. Gogoleva, Pavel A. Kanapukhin, Margarita V. Melnik, Irina Y. Lyashenko, Valeriya N. Yaryshina
      Pages 10-19
    4. Eduard E. Genzyuk, Lyudmila A. Spektor, Viktoria S. Kirilenko, Aleksandr V. Sukhanov
      Pages 20-31
    5. Anna Kladova, Marina Alpidovskaya, Valeriy Gordeev
      Pages 61-68
    6. Irina V. Borisenko, Tatyana V. Degtyaryova, Gulmira B. Grigoryeva
      Pages 69-76
    7. Konstantin Lebedev, Yuliya Budovich
      Pages 97-104
    8. Sergey N. Yashin, Egor V. Koshelev, Victor P. Kuznetsov, Yuliya V. Zakharova, Alexey A. Ivanov
      Pages 114-125
    9. Marina L. Davydova, Yuriy A. Bokov, Yevgeniy V. Stel, Vladimir A. Zolotovskiy
      Pages 126-134
    10. Alla A. Oshkina
      Pages 135-141
    11. Tatiana N. Yudina, Yuri N. Mazaev, Tatiana V. Fomicheva, Irina V. Dolgorukova, Tatiana N. Bormotova
      Pages 142-153
    12. Aleksei V. Bogoviz, Elena I. Semenova, Julia V. Ragulina
      Pages 154-160
    13. Elena N. Egorova, Irina V. Mukhomorova, Anton I. Mosalev
      Pages 167-175
    14. Mariana Y. Lokova, Marina N. Khanova, Gyuldzhan K. Azamatova, Albina O. Vindizheva, Natalya N. Reshetnikova
      Pages 176-182
    15. Maria A. Bitarova, Konstantin V. Getmantsev, Elena V. Ilyasova, Ekaterina M. Krylova, Yuri I. Treshchevsky
      Pages 183-194
    16. Tatiana N. Yudina, Irina V. Dolgorukova, Egor Y. Kireev, Tatiana M. Bormotova, Tatyana V. Fomicheva
      Pages 195-202
  3. Financial Infrastructure of the Modern Economy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 203-203
    2. Irina Morozova, Tatiana Litvinova, Ivan A. Mordvintsev, Olga V. Konina
      Pages 205-212
    3. Yulia I. Dubova, Vyacheslav V. Golikov, Zhanna V. Gornostaeva, Vladimir Zhidkov
      Pages 213-218
    4. Larisa L. Alekhina, Margarita N. Burtseva, Anna G. Savina, Svetlana A. Ilminskaya, Irina V. Skobliakova
      Pages 219-228
    5. Elena V. Endovitskaya, Igor E. Risin, Yuri I. Treshchevsky
      Pages 229-235
    6. Nelli I. Morozova, Olga S. Buryakova, Natalia Z. Aliyeva, Elena B. Ivushkina
      Pages 236-240
    7. Sergey A. Grachev, Marina A. Gundorova, Oleg A. Donichev, Denis Y. Fraymovich, Maria I. Zakirova
      Pages 251-259
    8. Inna Vysotskaya, Tamara Yovanovich, Natalya Prom, Olga Toporkova, Oxana Evtushenko
      Pages 260-272
    9. Marianna S. Santalova, Elvira P. Lesnikova, Svetlana N. Nechaeva, Alla V. Borshcheva, Olga G. Charykova
      Pages 273-281
    10. Natalia Reshetnikova, Magomedgabib Magomedov, Dmitry Buklanov, Elena Zakharchenko
      Pages 294-308
    11. Alexander A. Bazhenov, Igor E. Mizikovsky, Ekaterina P. Garina, Viktor P. Kuznetsov, Alexander I. Gavrilov
      Pages 309-315
    12. Ulyana A. Pozdnyakova, Margarita T. Kozhukhova
      Pages 316-324
    13. Vera I. Menshchikova, Marina A. Kakushkina, Evgeny V. Sukhanov, Irina B. Shapovalova
      Pages 325-333
    14. Julia V. Ragulina, Svetlana V. Lobova, Alexander N. Alekseev
      Pages 341-347
    15. Daria V. Lanskaya, Yuri I. Treschevsky, Konstantin V. Getmantsev, Tatyana A. Myasnikova
      Pages 348-356
    16. Yuri V. Przhedetsky, Natalia V. Przhedetskaya, Viktoria Y. Przhedetskaya, Ksenia V. Borzenko, Viktoria V. Pozdnyakova
      Pages 357-363
    17. Elena S. Berezhnaya, Vladimir A. Bondarev, Yevgeniya V. Zazulina, Natalya V. Koloskova, Anna V. Strichko
      Pages 364-370
    18. Lyubov V. Grigorieva, Leyla A. Mytareva, Ekaterina A. Shkarupa
      Pages 371-383
    19. Svetlana V. Shustova, Alla F. Korlyakova
      Pages 384-395
  4. Legal Issues of Development of the Global Financial System

About these proceedings


This book gathers the best papers presented at the conference “The Future of the Global Financial System: Downfall or Harmony”, which took place in Limassol, Cyprus on April 13-14, 2018. Organized by the Institute of Scientific Communications (Volgograd, Russia), the conference chiefly focused on reassessing the role and meaning of the global financial system in the modern global economy in light of the crisis that began in 2008 and can still be observed in many countries, and on developing conceptual and applied recommendations on spurring the development of the global financial system.

All works underwent peer-review and conform to strict criteria, including a high level of originality (more than 90%), elements of scientific novelty, contribution to the development of economic science, and broad possibilities for practical application. The target audience of this scientific work includes postgraduates, lecturers at higher educational establishments, and researchers studying the modern global financial system. Based on the authors’ conclusions and results, readers will be equipped to pursue their own scientific research. 

The topics addressed include (but are not limited to) the following issues, which are interesting for modern economic science and practice: financial globalization, the role of finances in the global economy, perspectives of transition in the financial system from part of the infrastructure to a new vector of development in the global economy in the 21st century, reasons for the crisis of the modern financial system and ways of overcoming it, problems and perspectives regarding the harmonization of the global financial system, and scenarios of development for the global financial system. The content is divided into the following parts: development of financial systems at the micro-, meso- and macro-levels, financial infrastructure of the modern economy, legal issues of development of the modern financial system, and management of the global financial system. 


Financial System Globalization Global Economy Money Turnover Financial Crisis Capital Financial Infrastructure Financial Regulation Financial Control National Financial System Global Financial System Financial & Budget Stabilization Investments International Trade Developing Countries Economic Growth Capitalization

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