Springer Handbook of Microscopy

  • Peter W. Hawkes
  • John C. H. Spence

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXII
  2. Electron and Ion Microscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
    2. Angus I. Kirkland, Shery L.-Y. Chang, John L. Hutchison
      Pages 3-47
    3. Peter D. Nellist
      Pages 49-99
    4. Frances M. Ross, Andrew M. Minor
      Pages 101-187
    5. Jürgen Plitzko, Wolfgang P. Baumeister
      Pages 189-228
    6. Natasha Erdman, David C. Bell, Rudolf Reichelt
      Pages 229-318
    7. Gianluigi Botton, Sagar Prabhudev
      Pages 345-453
    8. Geoffrey H. Campbell, Joseph T. McKeown, Melissa K. Santala
      Pages 455-486
    9. Ernst Bauer
      Pages 487-535
    10. Jun Feng, Andreas Scholl
      Pages 537-564
    11. Sandra Van Aert
      Pages 605-624
    12. Peter W. Hawkes, Ondrej L. Krivanek
      Pages 625-675
    13. Gregor Hlawacek
      Pages 677-714
    14. Thomas F. Kelly
      Pages 715-763
  3. Holography, Ptychography and Diffraction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 765-766
    2. Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski, András Kovács, Takeshi Kasama, Martha R. McCartney, David J. Smith
      Pages 767-818
    3. John Rodenburg, Andrew Maiden
      Pages 819-904
    4. Jian-Min Zuo
      Pages 905-969
    5. Pietro Musumeci, Renkai Li
      Pages 971-1008
    6. John C. H. Spence
      Pages 1009-1036
  4. Photon-based Microscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1037-1038
    2. Alberto Diaspro, Paolo Bianchini, Francesca Cella Zanacchi, Luca Lanzanò, Giuseppe Vicidomini, Michele Oneto et al.
      Pages 1039-1088
    3. Steffen J. Sahl, Andreas Schönle, Stefan W. Hell
      Pages 1089-1143
    4. Chris Jacobsen, Malcolm Howells, Tony Warwick
      Pages 1145-1204
    5. Angela S.P. Lin, Stuart R. Stock, Robert E. Guldberg
      Pages 1205-1236
  5. Applied Microscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1237-1238
    2. Bryan D. Huey, Justin Luria, Dawn A. Bonnell
      Pages 1239-1277
    3. Rowan K. Leary, Paul A. Midgley
      Pages 1279-1329
    4. Kazuhiro Fujita, Mohammad H. Hamidian, Peter O. Sprau, Stephen D. Edkins, J.C. Séamus Davis
      Pages 1369-1390
    5. Yanhang Ma, Lu Han, Zheng Liu, Alvaro Mayoral, Isabel Díaz, Peter Oleynikov et al.
      Pages 1391-1450
    6. Matthias W. Amrein, Dimitar Stamov
      Pages 1469-1505
    7. Benjamin J. Jones
      Pages 1507-1524
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 1525-1543

About this book


This book features reviews by leading experts on the methods and applications of modern forms of microscopy. The recent awards of Nobel Prizes awarded for super-resolution optical microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy have demonstrated the rich scientific opportunities for research in novel microscopies. Earlier Nobel Prizes for electron microscopy (the instrument itself and applications to biology), scanning probe microscopy and holography are a reminder of the central role of microscopy in modern science, from the study of nanostructures in materials science, physics and chemistry to structural biology.

Separate chapters are devoted to confocal, fluorescent and related novel optical microscopies, coherent diffractive imaging, scanning probe microscopy, transmission electron microscopy in all its modes from aberration corrected and analytical to in-situ and time-resolved, low energy electron microscopy, photoelectron microscopy, cryo-electron microscopy in biology, and also ion microscopy. 

In addition to serving as an essential reference for researchers and teachers in the fields such as materials science, condensed matter physics, solid-state chemistry, structural biology and the molecular sciences generally, the Springer Handbook of Microscopy is a unified, coherent and pedagogically attractive text for advanced students who need an authoritative yet accessible guide to the science and practice of microscopy.


scanning electron microscopy, SEM transmission electron microscopy, TEM atomic force microscopy, AFM ptychography holography scanning transmission electron microscope, STEM super.resolution fluorescence microscopy low energy electron microscopy, LEEM cryo-electron micvroscopy in biology aberration correctons, monochromators, spectrometers super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

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  1. 1.CEMES-CNRSToulouseFrance
  2. 2.Dept. of PhysicsArizona State UniversityTempe, AZUSA

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