The Atmosphere — A Challenge

The Science of Jule Gregory Charney

  • Richard S. Lindzen
  • Edward N. Lorenz
  • George W. Platzman

Table of contents

  1. Jule Charney’s Life and Recollections

    1. Morton G. Wurtele
      Pages 3-9
    2. George W. Platzman
      Pages 11-85
  2. Jule Charney’s Influence

    1. Edward N. Lorenz
      Pages 89-91
    2. Norman A. Phillips
      Pages 121-131
    3. Henry Stommel, Dennis W. Moore
      Pages 133-138
    4. Louis Berkofsky
      Pages 139-141
    5. Richard J. Reed
      Pages 143-144
    6. Joseph Smagorinsky
      Pages 145-155
  3. Jule Charney’s Achievements

    1. Joseph Pedlosky
      Pages 159-176
    2. Norman A. Phillips
      Pages 177-206
  4. Jule Charney’s Work

    1. J. G. Charney
      Pages 251-265
    2. J. G. Charney, R. Fjörtoft, J. von Neumann
      Pages 267-284
    3. J. G. Charney
      Pages 285-294

About this book


This is a tribute to the scientific career and life of Jule G. Charney (1917-1981). 

The centerpiece of this memorial volume is a transcription of a taped interview with Jule Charney shortly before his death in 1981. George W. Platzman who also conducted the interview, edited the transcript of the tapes to what is now chapter 2 in this book. 

The remainder of this volume is devoted to essays by several highly respected experts in the field of meteorology. Some are dealing with Jule Charney's influence on his field, others with appreciations of specific phases of his work. The volume is completed by reprints of some of Jule Charney's own work. 

For those who were fortunate enough to know Jule Charney personally, this volume will be a reminder of his presence. And the Editors hope for other this book will help to flesh out the persona of a name indelibly inscribed in the literature of his field and show the impact Jule Charney had on the modern evolution of dynamic meteorology. 


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  • Richard S. Lindzen
    • 1
  • Edward N. Lorenz
    • 1
  • George W. Platzman
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary SciencesMITUSA
  2. 2.Department of the Geophysical SciencesUniversity of ChicagoUSA

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