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Scientific Data Analysis using Jython Scripting and Java


  • The only book which describes Java scripting for science and engineering.

  • Lays the foundation for data analysis using Java and Python using a truly multi-threaded and multiplatform approach.

  • Contains examples, about 250 in total, all are very short (10-20 lines of the code).

  • Contains real-life examples derived from the author's experience as a data analyser for the last 20 years of work in physics.


Part of the Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing book series (AI&KP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXIV
  2. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 1-2
  3. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 3-26
  4. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 27-84
  5. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 85-120
  6. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 121-134
  7. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 135-159
  8. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 161-169
  9. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 171-192
  10. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 193-221
  11. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 223-233
  12. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 235-271
  13. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 273-312
  14. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 313-334
  15. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 335-342
  16. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 343-365
  17. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 367-382
  18. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 383-405
  19. Sergei V. Chekanov
    Pages 407-433
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 435-440

About this book


Scientific Data Analysis using Jython Scripting and Java presents practical approaches for data analysis using Java scripting based on Jython, a Java implementation of the Python language. The chapters essentially cover all aspects of data analysis, from arrays and histograms to clustering analysis, curve fitting, metadata and neural networks. A comprehensive coverage of data visualisation tools implemented in Java is also included. Written by the primary developer of the jHepWork data-analysis framework, the book provides a reliable and complete reference source laying the foundation for data-analysis applications using Java scripting. More than 250 code snippets (of around 10-20 lines each) written in Jython and Java, plus several real-life examples help the reader develop a genuine feeling for data analysis techniques and their programming implementation. This is the first data-analysis and data-mining book which is completely based on the Jython language, and opens doors to scripting using a fully multi-platform and multi-threaded approach. Graduate students and researchers will benefit from the information presented in this book.


Cluster Clustering Data Analysis Data Mining Java Jython Python

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.HEP Division, ANLArgonne National LaboratoryArgonneUSA

About the authors

S.V.Chekanov was born in Minsk (USSR) and received his Ph.D. in experimental physics (University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands). He has more than twenty years of experience in high-energy fields including advanced programming and analysis of large data volumes collected by high-energy experiments operated by major international collaborations. He has written over a hundred physics articles, many of them are based on analysis of experimental data from large-scale international experiments, LEP (CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research), HERA (DESY, German Electron Synchrotron) and LHC, the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN. Over the past decade he has divided his time between physics analysis, developing analysis tools and providing software support for the Midwest data analysis center (USA) of the LHC experiment. In 2005 he began the creation of the jHepWork data analysis framework which is now the world's leading open-source Java software for scientists. Presently, he works at the Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago, USA).

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