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Intelligent Control Systems with LabVIEW™


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Intelligent control is a rapidly developing, complex, and challenging field of increasing practical importance and still greater potential. Its applications have a solid core in robotics and mechatronics but branch out into areas as diverse as process control, automotive industry, medical equipment, renewable energy and air conditioning.
Intelligent Control with LabVIEW™ is a fresh and pragmatic approach to the understanding of a subject often clouded by too much mathematical theory. It exploits the full suite of tools provided by LabVIEW™, showing the student how to design, develop, analyze, and visualize intelligent control algorithms quickly and simply. Block diagrams are used to follow the progress of an algorithm through the design process and allow seamless integration with hardware systems for rapid deployment in laboratory experiments.
This text delivers a thorough grounding in the main tools of intelligent control:
• fuzzy logic systems, emulating human reasoning processes;
• artificial neural networks, mimicking our ability to learn;
• neuro-fuzzy systems for implementing controller adaptation;
• evolutionary methods, using the ideas of genetic evolution for optimization; and
• predictive methods, giving information about a system’s future behavior.
Intelligent Control with LabVIEW™ facilitates the learning and teaching of its subject by:
• extensive use of worked examples;
• end-of-chapter problems with separate solutions; and
• provision of intelligent control tools for LabVIEW™.
Graduate and senior undergraduate students learning about intelligent control will find great help in this textbook’s easy-to-read style and graphical programming approach. The book will be of material assistance to instructors interested in using LabVIEW™-based teaching when designing a course in intelligent control. Researchers in intelligent systems who employ LabVIEW™ as a laboratory tool will also benefit from its dedicated support for intelligent control.


LabVIEW artificial neural network control evolution fuzzy logic fuzzy system genetic algorithms intelligent control learning logic neural network neural networks optimization programming robotics

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