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Web-based Support Systems

  • JingTao Yao


  • Web-based support systems is a new research domain and this is the first book to cover this research

  • Presents a wide-ranging comprehensive insight into this multi-disciplinary research area


Part of the Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing book series (AI&KP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages ii-xxii
  2. Web-Based Support Systems for Specific Domains

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro, Angela Carrillo-Ramos, Marlène Villanova-Oliver, Jérôme Gensel, Yolande Berbers
      Pages 3-31
    3. Xiaobo Yang, Robert J. Allan
      Pages 65-80
    4. Lisa Fan
      Pages 81-95
    5. Dong Won Kim, JingTao Yao
      Pages 125-143
  3. Web-Based Applications and WSS Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 146-146
    2. Edwina Sweeney, Kevin Curran, Ermai Xie
      Pages 167-181
    3. Orland Hoeber, Xue Dong Yang
      Pages 183-214
    4. Aparna Varde, Elke Rundensteiner, Sally Fahrenholz
      Pages 215-238
    5. Josep Domènech, Ana Pont-Sanjuán, Julio Sahuquillo, José A. Gil
      Pages 239-271
    6. Guillermo Jimenez, Carlos Barradas
      Pages 273-301
  4. Design and Development of Web-based Support Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 304-304
    2. S. M. F. D. Syed Mustapha
      Pages 333-357

About this book


Web-based Support Systems (WSS) are an emerging multidisciplinary research area in which one studies the support of human activities with the Web as the common platform, medium and interface. One of the goals of WSS research is to extend the human physical limitation of information processing in the information age.

Research on WSS is motivated by the challenges and opportunities arising from the Internet. The availability, accessibility and flexibility of information as well as the tools to access this information lead to a vast amount of opportunities. It identifies both domain independent and dependent activities before selecting suitable computer and Web technologies to support them. It also examines how applications and adaptations of existing methodologies on the web platform benefit our decision-making and other various activities.

This book presents research related to fundamental issues of WSS, frameworks for WSS and current research on WSS. The research on Web-based support systems is classified into three parts:

- Web-based support systems for specific domains

- Web-based applications and WSS techniques

- Design and Development of WSS.


Framework Information Retrieval Support systems WSS Web XML data mining information technology knowledge management techniques web technology

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