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Sexually Transmissible Infections in Clinical Practice

A problem-based approach


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About this book


Sexually Transmissible Infections in Clinical Practice is a problem-based handbook for dealing with commonly-encountered scenarios at the Sexual Health Clinic or the Family Physician’s office.  Including 35 cases, it covers a rich variety of complaints, and equips the reader with the confidence to deal with cases in STIs. 

The presentation of each case is followed by questions designed to prompt the reader towards a refined differential diagnosis.  Explanatory text instructs the reader on the relevant history to attain from the patient, the interpretation of laboratory results and the treatment of the complaint.  Augmented by tables and illustrations, this book is suitable both for teaching and for quick reference in the clinic.  For those who require more in-depth information on the epidemiology, pathogenesis and details of the micro-organisms involved in the infections, references to textbooks and review articles are provided.

This book will prove very useful for students of medicine and dermatovenereology.  It will also provide a helpful refresher for family physicians and practice nurses who wish to become more involved in sexual health, and for family planning doctors and nurses who are being increasingly called upon to manage STIs.

Alexander McMillan, MD, MRCP, FRCP, has 27 years’ experience as Consultant Physician in Genitourinary Medicine at the Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust.  An experienced teacher as well as practitioner, he is a Senior Lecturer in Genitourinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.


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