Surgical Treatment and Pathology

  • Richard Cohen
  • Alastair Windsor

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Alexis M. P. Schizas, Andrew B. Williams
    Pages 1-12
  3. Jonathan Gosling, Anton Emmanuel
    Pages 13-33
  4. Michael J. Steward, Steve Halligan, Stuart A. Taylor
    Pages 35-41
  5. Ruma Saraswati, Marco Novelli
    Pages 43-47
  6. Nigel J. Hall, Edward M. Kiely
    Pages 49-60
  7. James Crosbie, Jonathan McCullough, Paul Boulos
    Pages 61-69
  8. Sarah W. Grahn, Mary R. Kwaan, Robert D. Madoff
    Pages 71-90
  9. Karen P. Nugent
    Pages 91-96
  10. Bruno Roche
    Pages 97-106
  11. Jonathan Randall, Ridzuan Farouk
    Pages 107-114
  12. Mostafa Abdel-Halim
    Pages 115-132
  13. Marylise Boutros, Marc C. Osborne, Steven D. Wexner
    Pages 133-155
  14. Ayesha Noorani, Emin Carapeti
    Pages 157-167
  15. Antonio Longo, Adolfo Renzi, Francesco Prete
    Pages 169-196
  16. Mark T. C. Wong, Francis Seow-Choen
    Pages 197-210
  17. Siraj Rajaratnam, Ian Lindsey
    Pages 211-220
  18. Stanley M. Goldberg, Patrick S. Tawadros
    Pages 221-229
  19. Steve Halligan, Stuart A. Taylor
    Pages 231-242
  20. Toby M. Hammond, Peter J. Lunniss
    Pages 243-252
  21. Tamzin Cuming, Angela C. Bailey, Parameswaran N. Sashidharan
    Pages 253-274
  22. Tim Brown
    Pages 275-281
  23. David Ross, Marlese Dempsey
    Pages 283-296
  24. Back Matter
    Pages 297-306

About this book


Anus: Treatment and Pathology is the perfect guide for the diagnosis and management of patients with anal canal and pelvic floor disorders. Using annotated diagrams matched to cross-sectional radiology with ultrasound and MRI, this book will not only give the reader a thorough understanding of normal anal canal and pelvic floor anatomy, but will also take the reader through the common benign and malignant conditions which affect the anal canal and pelvis describing in detail their pathophysiology, investigation and management.


Anus: Treatment and Pathology is aimed at practicing general surgeons, colorectal surgeons and surgical trainees, which can be used either as a practical reference guide for day to day colorectal surgical practice or for in depth text based learning.



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  • Richard Cohen
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  • Alastair Windsor
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  2. 2.Department of GI SurgeryUniversity College London HospitalsLondonUnited Kingdom

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