Transcatheter Embolization and Therapy

  • David Kessel
  • Charles Ray

Part of the Techniques in Interventional Radiology book series (TECHRAD)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Section I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Iain Robertson
      Pages 3-13
    3. David Tuite, Kevin O’Regan
      Pages 15-27
    4. Audrey Fohlen, Jean-Pierre Pelage
      Pages 29-40
    5. Mark Brinckman
      Pages 41-50
    6. Kimi Kondo
      Pages 51-59
    7. Rajan Gupta, Louis Lucas
      Pages 69-73
    8. James Jackson
      Pages 85-101
    9. Tony Nicholson
      Pages 103-110
    10. Stan Zipser
      Pages 111-119
    11. Lakshmi Ratnam, Robert Morgan
      Pages 121-128
    12. Sapna Puppala
      Pages 129-134
  3. Section II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 135-135
    2. Peter Littler, Peter Rowlands
      Pages 137-146
    3. Graham Robinson
      Pages 147-156
    4. Robert Rosen
      Pages 157-171
    5. Peter Gaines
      Pages 173-177
    6. Erik Cressman
      Pages 179-183
    7. Jai Patel
      Pages 185-195
    8. Ahsun Riaz, Riad Salem
      Pages 197-203
    9. Kenneth J. Kolbeck, John A. Kaufman
      Pages 205-213
    10. Eric J. Hohenwalter, William S. Rilling, David M. King
      Pages 223-229
    11. Sriharsha Athreya, Jon G. Moss
      Pages 231-239
    12. Douglas Coldwell, Clayton Trimmer
      Pages 241-247
    13. Tanya Tivorsak, Catherine Vu
      Pages 249-260
    14. Otto van Delden
      Pages 261-273
    15. Peter Littler, Peter Rowlands, Richard McWilliams
      Pages 275-281
    16. Tony Nicholson
      Pages 283-291
    17. Kim Wright, Ben English
      Pages 293-303
    18. George Behrens, Nilesh H. Patel
      Pages 305-310
    19. George Behrens, Nilesh H. Patel
      Pages 311-327
    20. Ian Gillespie, Hamish Ireland
      Pages 329-339
    21. Simon McPherson
      Pages 349-361
    22. Hamed Aryafar, Thomas Kinney
      Pages 363-370
    23. Stephen Johnson, Jennifer Fraser, Rajan Gupta
      Pages 371-376
    24. A. N. Keeling
      Pages 383-393
    25. M. J. Lee
      Pages 395-404
    26. Trevor Cleveland
      Pages 405-413
    27. Anthie M. Papadopoulou, Andrew Platts
      Pages 415-423
    28. H. L. D. Makalanda, Andrew Platts
      Pages 425-434
    29. David West
      Pages 445-457
    30. Richard J. T. Owen
      Pages 459-469
    31. Jess Campagna, Raj Jain
      Pages 471-480

About this book


Lee and Watkinson's Techniques in Interventional Radiology series of handbooks describes in detail the various interventional radiology procedures and therapies that are in current practice. The series covers procedures in angioplasty and stenting, transcatheter embolization and therapy, biopsy and drainage and ablation. Forthcoming are volumes on pediatric interventional radiology and neurointerventional radiology.

Each book is laid out in bullet point format, so that the desired information can be located quickly and easily. Interventional radiologists at all stages, from trainees through to specialists, will find this book a valuable asset for their practice.

Transcatheter Embolisation and Therapy approaches the procedure in two ways . Section I systematically describes the techniques of transcatheter embolization and addresses the issues surrounding embolization procedures. Section II,on the other hand, presents specific organ systems and pathologies that undergo embolization therapy.

Dr. David Kessel is a Consultant Radiologist at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK, and Dr. Charles Ray, Jr. is Professor of Radiology and Co-Director of Research at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center, USA.


Tumor aneurysm bone interventional radiology radiology trauma

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  1. 1.Dept. RadiologyLeeds Teaching HospitalsLeedsUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.Health Sciences Center, Dept. RadiologyUniversity of ColoradoAuroraUSA

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