Guide to Biometric Reference Systems and Performance Evaluation

  • Editors
  • Bernadette Dorizzi
  • Gérard  Chollet
  • Dijana Petrovska-Delacrétaz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxx
  2. Gérard Chollet, Bernadette Dorizzi, Dijana Petrovska-Delacrétaz
    Pages 1-10
  3. Dijana Petrovska-Delacrétaz, Aurélien Mayoue, Bernadette Dorizzi
    Pages 11-24
  4. Emine Krichen, Bernadette Dorizzi, Zhenan Sun, Sonia Garcia-Salicetti
    Pages 25-49
  5. Fernando Alonso-Fernandez, Josef Bigun, Julian Fierrez, Hartwig Fronthaler, Klaus Kollreider, Javier Ortega-Garcia
    Pages 51-88
  6. Helin Dutağacı, Geoffroy Fouquier, Erdem Yörük, Bülent Sankur, Laurence Likforman-Sulem, Jérôme Darbon
    Pages 89-124
  7. Sonia Garcia-Salicetti, Nesma Houmani, Bao Ly-Van, Bernadette Dorizzi, Fernando Alonso-Fernandez, Julian Fierrez et al.
    Pages 125-165
  8. Asmaa El Hannani, Dijana Petrovska-Delacrétaz, Benoît Fauve, Aurélien Mayoue, John Mason, Jean-François Bonastre et al.
    Pages 167-211
  9. Massimo Tistarelli, Manuele Bicego, José L. Alba-Castro, Daniel Gonzàlez-Jiménez, Mohamed-Anouar Mellakh, Albert Ali Salah et al.
    Pages 213-262
  10. Berk Gökberk, Albert Ali Salah, Lale Akarun, Remy Etheve, Daniel Riccio, Jean-Luc Dugelay
    Pages 263-295
  11. Hervé Bredin, Aurélien Mayoue, Gérard Chollet
    Pages 297-326
  12. Aurélien Mayoue, Bernadette Dorizzi, Lorène Allano, Gérard Chollet, Jean Hennebert, Dijana Petrovska-Delacr´etraz et al.
    Pages 327-371
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 373-382

About this book


Our daily interactions are based on recognizing people. As information technology advances, our interactions will be accomplished through newly designed interfaces, with a vital element being the automated process of recognition of a person’s real identity: Biometrics. In recent years, biometrics has moved from using fingerprints, to many different methods of assessing human physical and behavioural traits.

This useful guide introduces a new performance evaluation framework designed to provide complete coverage of performance evaluation of major biometric systems. Two key areas are presented: The first gives a unique snapshot of the performance evaluation of various biometrics within a common evaluation framework (databases and protocols). The second presents a state-of-the-art benchmarking evaluation framework for use in future performance evaluations – comprised of open-source reference systems.

Features and benefits:

• Includes a Foreword by renowned biometric expert Prof. Anil K. Jain, Michigan State University, USA

• Introduces the concept of reproducible results and comparative evaluations

• Presents an extensive benchmarking methodology

• Describes reference algorithms in detail, with a link to source code

• Biometrics Reference and Evaluation Toolkit provided via

• Implements this methodology throughout all chapters

• Offers readers a tool for a better evaluation of their algorithms by giving them the instruments to fully reproduce the benchmarking (reference) experiments (software, database, experimental protocols)

• Provides a global perspective with a common evaluation scheme and methodology

• Examines current research results with this framework

• Consolidates results from publicly available databases, using well defined protocols

This unique text/reference combines state-of-the-art research with practical tools for researchers, practitioners and graduates in the field of Biometrics and Pattern Recognition, and with its comprehensive coverage, it will prove an indispensable resource and frequently used tool.


Key topics

BioSecure Benchmarking Methodology

Biometric Performance Evaluation

Iris Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition

Hand Recognition

Online Handwritten Signature Verification

Text-independent Speaker Verification

2D and 3D Face Recognition

Talking Face Verification


2D and 3D face biometrics Dynamic signature Hand modality Iris Multimodality Performance evaluation of biometric systems Reference (calibration, benchmarking or baseline) biometric Speech Talking face algorithms biometrics fingerprint fingerprint recognition pattern recognition

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