Experiments in Molecular Biology

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  • Robert J. Slater

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  2. Stephen A. Boffey
    Pages 7-15
  3. Alan Hall
    Pages 29-38
  4. Alan Hall
    Pages 39-53
  5. Alan Hall
    Pages 55-62
  6. Elliot B. Gingold
    Pages 73-80
  7. Elliot B. Gingold
    Pages 81-86
  8. Donald Grierson
    Pages 87-98
  9. Donald Grierson
    Pages 99-107
  10. Robert J. Slater
    Pages 121-129
  11. Jayne A. Matthews, Raymond A. McKee
    Pages 131-147
  12. John M. Walker
    Pages 179-184
  13. John M. Walker
    Pages 185-198
  14. David L. Cohen
    Pages 199-211
  15. John M. Walker
    Pages 213-225
  16. Elliot B. Gingold
    Pages 247-253
  17. Elliot B. Gingold
    Pages 255-263
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 265-378

About this book


Research in the field of molecular biology has progressed at a fascinating rate in recent years. Much of this progress results from the development of new laboratory techniques that allow very precise fractionation and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, as well as the construction of recom­ binant DNA molecules that can then be cloned and expressed in host cells. Progress has been so rapid that there has been a shortfall in the training of appropriately qualified staff. Many existing laboratory workers require retraining, and many educational institutions have had difficulty incor­ porating the new molecular biology techniques into their teaching programs. Although there are several manuals currently available that describe laboratory techniques in molecular biology, they are principally written for the indivi­ dual research worker and are not intended for use in the design of practical classes for students. The aim of this book is to provide just such a series of pro­ tocols for the teaching of practical molecular biology. The idea arose following the success of several Workshops in Molecular Biology, organized and taught by staff in the Biol­ ogy Department of the Hatfield Polytechnic. Gradually, the protocols used in the workshops have been incorporated into the Hatfield undergraduate and postgraduate teaching pro­ grams and have now been collected together to form a book.


biology Colon DNA enzyme enzymes Escherichia coli Filtration molecular biology nucleic acid protein protein synthesis proteins RNA sequencing synthesis

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