Applied Biochemistry and Biotecnology

The Twenty-Eighth Symposium Proceedings of the Twenty-Eight Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals Held April 30–May 3, 2006, in Nashville, Tennessee

  • Jonathan R. Mielenz
  • K. Thomas Klasson
  • William S. Adney
  • James D. McMillan

Part of the ABAB Symposium book series (ABAB)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Enzyme Catalysis and Engineering

    1. Michael E. Himmel
      Pages 1-2
    2. Danny E. Akin
      Pages 3-15
    3. Eliana M. Alhadeff, Andrea M. Salgado, Oriol Cos, Nei Pereira Jr., Belkis Valdman, Francisco Valero
      Pages 17-25
    4. Heloiza Ferreira Alves-Prado, Daniela Alonso Bocchini, Eleni Gomes, Luis Carlos Baida, Jonas Contiero, Inês Conceição Roberto et al.
      Pages 27-40
    5. Elisa D. C. Cavalcanti, Fábio M. Maciel, Pierre Villeneuve, Regina C. A. Lago, Olga L. T. Machado, Denise M. G. Freire
      Pages 57-65
    6. Ana I. S. Brígida, Álvaro D. T. Pinheiro, Andrea L. O. Ferreira, Gustavo A. S. Pinto, Luciana R. B. Gonçalves
      Pages 67-80
    7. Douglas B. Jordan, Xin-Liang Li, Christopher A. Dunlap, Terence R. Whitehead, Michael A. Cotta
      Pages 93-104
    8. Otávio L. Bernardes, Juliana V. Bevilaqua, Márcia C. M. R. Leal, Denise M. G. Freire, Marta A. P. Langone
      Pages 105-114
    9. Leng Hong Lim, Bradley A. Saville
      Pages 115-130
    10. Tor Soren Nordmark, Alan Bakalinsky, Michael H. Penner
      Pages 131-139
    11. Mariana Peñuela Vásquez, Juliana Nascimento C. da Silva, Maurício Bezerra de Souza Jr., Nei Pereira Jr.
      Pages 141-153
    12. Hideo Toyama, Makiko Yano, Takeshi Hotta, Nobuo Toyama
      Pages 155-160
    13. Luiz Carlos Martins das Neves, Michele Vitolo
      Pages 161-170
    14. Eduardo A. Ximenes, Bruce S. Dien, Michael R. Ladisch, Nathan Mosier, Michael A. Cotta, Xin-Liang Li
      Pages 171-183
    15. Maria V. P. Rocha, Maria C. M. Souza, Sofia C. L. Benedicto, Márcio S. Bezerra, Gorete R. Macedo, Gustavo A. Saavedra Pinto et al.
      Pages 185-194
    16. Zsuzsa Benkő, Eszter Drahos, Zsolt Szengyel, Terhi Puranen, Jari Vehmaanperä, Kati Réczey
      Pages 195-204
  3. Plant Biotechnology and Genomics

    1. Mariam B. Sticklen
      Pages 205-205
    2. Callista Ransom, Venkatesh Balan, Gadab Biswas, Bruce Dale, Elaine Crockett, Mariam Sticklen
      Pages 207-219
  4. Session 2

    1. Mercedes Ballesteros, M. José Negro, Paloma Manzanares, Ignacio Ballesteros, Felicia Sáez, J. Miguel Oliva
      Pages 239-252
    2. Zsuzsa Benkő, Alexandra Andersson, Zsolt Szengyel, Melinda Gáspár, Kati Réczey, Henrik Stålbrand
      Pages 253-265
    3. Alex Berlin, Claudio Muñoz, Neil Gilkes, Sepideh Massoumi Alamouti, Pablo Chung, Kyu-Young Kang et al.
      Pages 267-280
    4. Rodrigo Simões Ribeiro Leite, Daniela Alonso Bocchini, Eduardo Da Silva Martins, Dênis Silva, Eleni Gomes, Roberto Da Silva
      Pages 281-288
    5. G. Peter Van Walsum, Maurilio Garcia-Gil, Shou-Feng Chen, Kevin Chambliss
      Pages 301-311
    6. Robert J. Hanchar, Farzaneh Teymouri, Chandra D. Nielson, Darold McCalla, Mark D. Stowers
      Pages 313-325
    7. Anders Sjöde, Björn Alriksson, Leif J. Jönsson, Nils-Olof Nilvebrant
      Pages 327-337
    8. Carlos Martin, Björn Alriksson, Anders Sjöde, Nils-Olof Nilvebrant, Leif J. Jönsson
      Pages 339-352
    9. María P. García-Aparicio, Mercedes Ballesteros, Paloma Manzanares, Ignacio Ballesteros, Alberto González, M. José Negro
      Pages 353-365
    10. Xuejun Pan, Dan Xie, Kyu-Young Kang, Seung-Lak Yoon, Jack N. Saddler
      Pages 367-377
    11. Cristóbal Cara, Inmaculada Romero, Jose Miguel Oliva, Felicia Sáez, Eulogio Castro
      Pages 379-394
    12. Tamika C. Bradshaw, Hasan Alizadeh, Farzaneh Teymouri, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce E. Dale
      Pages 395-405
    13. Anantharam P. Dadi, Constance A. Schall, Sasidhar Varanasi
      Pages 407-421
    14. Yi Zheng, Zhongli Pan, Ruihong Zhang, John M. Labavitch, Donghai Wang, Sarah A. Teter et al.
      Pages 423-435
  5. Session 3

    1. M. E. T. Alvarez, E. B. Moraes, A. B. Machado, R. Maciel Filho, M. R. Wolf-Maciel
      Pages 451-461
    2. C. J. B. de Lima, F. P. França, E. F. C. Sérvulo, M. M. Resende, V. L. Cardoso
      Pages 463-470
    3. R. R. Fonseca, A. J. R. Silva, F. P. De Franca, V. L. Cardoso, E. F. C. Sérvulo
      Pages 471-486
    4. B. H. Lunelli, E. R. Duarte, E. C. Vasco de Toledo, M. R. Wolf Maciel, R. Maciel Filho
      Pages 487-499
    5. Regina Y. Moriya, Adilson R. Gonçalves, Marta C. T. Duarte
      Pages 501-513
    6. Angela Faustino Jozala, Maura Sayuri de Andrade, Luciana Juncioni de Arauz, Adalberto Pessoa Jr., Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna
      Pages 515-528
    7. Yong-Jun Kim, Jin-Nam Kim, Young-Jung Wee, Don-Hee Park, Hwa-Won Ryu
      Pages 529-537
    8. Luiz Carlos Martins das Neves, Kátia Silva de Oliveira, Márcio Junji Kobayashi, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Attilio Converti
      Pages 539-554
    9. Marina Ishii, Juliana Sayuri Kunimura, Hélio Tallon Jeng, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Olivia Cholewa
      Pages 555-571
    10. Denise S. Ruzene, Adilson R. Gonçalves, José A. Teixeira, Maria T. Pessoa de Amorim
      Pages 573-582

About this book


In Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Twenty-Eighth Symposium, leading US and international researchers from academia, industry, and government exchange cutting-edge technical information and update current trends in the development and application of biotechnology for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals. This symposium emphasizes advances in biotechnology to produce high-volume, low-price products from renewable resources, while improving the environment. The major areas of interest include advanced feedstock production and processing, enzymatic and microbial biocatalysis, bioprocess research and development, opportunities in biorefineries, and commercialization of biobased products. International and domestic progress on producing liquid biofuels, especially ethanol and biodiesel, is highlighted, and related topics, including bioseparations and optimal integration of biochemical and thermochemical conversion technologies, are featured.

Forward-looking and authoritative, Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Twenty-Eighth Symposium provides an illuminating overview of current research and development in the production of commodity fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass resources via biochemical and thermochemical routes.


Biofuels Bioprocess research biocatalysis biodiesel biofuel biomass biotechnology enzymes

Editors and affiliations

  • Jonathan R. Mielenz
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  • K. Thomas Klasson
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  • William S. Adney
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  • James D. McMillan
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  1. 1.Oak Ridge National LaboratoryUSA
  2. 2.Southern Regional Research LaboratoryUSDA-ARSUSA
  3. 3.National Renewable Energy LaboratoryUSA

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