The Bionic Human

Health Promotion for People With Implanted Prosthetic Devices

  • Frank E. Johnson
  • Katherine S. Virgo
  • Terry C. Lairmore
  • Riccardo A. Audisio

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Frank E. Johnson
    Pages 1-12
  3. Frank E. Johnson
    Pages 47-60
  4. Thomas P. Gross, Celia M. Witten, Casper Uldriks, William F. Regnault
    Pages 61-87
  5. John H. Fielder
    Pages 89-114
  6. Deborah Shatin, Roselie A. Bright, Brad Astor
    Pages 115-132
  7. Nathan Ravi, Hyder Ali Aliyar
    Pages 133-158
  8. Ramona E. Simionescu, Donald J. Kennedy
    Pages 159-185
  9. Soumen Ghosh, Ricardo A. Audisio
    Pages 186-203
  10. Ewout W. Steyerberg
    Pages 205-229
  11. Forrest S. Roth, David J. Gray, Christian E. Paletta
    Pages 231-254
  12. Thomas H. Tung
    Pages 255-258
  13. Catharine M. Darcy, Catharine M.
    Pages 259-269
  14. R. Ivan Beretvas
    Pages 271-276
  15. Ewout W. Steyerberg
    Pages 277-283
  16. Avril A.
    Pages 284-287
  17. John J. Mulcahy
    Pages 289-299
  18. Steven B. Brandes
    Pages 300-301
  19. Christine M.
    Pages 302-312
  20. David J. Rea, John P. Lavelle, Culley C. Carson III
    Pages 313-321
  21. Steven B. Brandes
    Pages 322-323
  22. Suzie N. Venn, Constantinos Hajivassiliou, Tony Mundy
    Pages 324-331
  23. Edward Rustamzadeh, Cornelius H. Lam
    Pages 333-358
  24. Joshua L. Dowling
    Pages 359-362
  25. Spyros Sgouros
    Pages 363-378
  26. Adrien A. Eshraghi, John E. King, Annelle V. Hodges, Thomas J. Balkany
    Pages 379-403
  27. J. Gail Neely
    Pages 404-407
  28. Issam Saliba, Bernard Fraysse
    Pages 408-412
  29. Adrien A. Eshraghi, Hessam Elfiki, Steven R. Mobley, Thomas J. Balkany
    Pages 413-423
  30. J. Gail Neely
    Pages 424-428
  31. Goetz Geyer
    Pages 429-435
  32. Karthikeshwar Kasirajan, Brian Matteson, John Marek, Mark Langsfeld
    Pages 437-472
  33. Luis A. Sanchez
    Pages 473-479
  34. S. Rao Vallabhaneni, John A. Brennan
    Pages 480-487
  35. M. David Arya, Arthur J. Labovitz
    Pages 489-522
  36. Kristine J. Guleserian, Marc R. Moon
    Pages 523-527
  37. Alan J. Bryan, Gianni D. Angelini
    Pages 528-532
  38. Lazar J. Greenfield, Mary C. Proctor
    Pages 533-541
  39. David M. Hovsepian
    Pages 542-546
  40. A. E. Healey, Derek A. Gould
    Pages 547-559
  41. Christopher N. Compton, John H. Raaf
    Pages 561-587
  42. Eric D. Whitman
    Pages 588-592
  43. Matthias Lorenz, Carsten N. Gutt, Stefan Heinrich
    Pages 593-601
  44. Steven E. Eckert, Sreenivas Koka
    Pages 603-618
  45. G. E. Ghali, John N. Kent
    Pages 619-623
  46. Anthony J. Summerwill, John I. Cawood
    Pages 624-631
  47. Preben Bjerregaard, Amr El-Shafei
    Pages 633-644
  48. Marye J. Gleva
    Pages 645-648

About this book


Although every year 5-10 million Americans have prosthetic devices fitted in their bodies, there are currently few well-accepted standards for their ongoing clinical management. In The Bionic Human: Health Promotion for People With Implanted Prosthetic Devices, a diverse panel of implant experts surveys the state of the art in patient follow-up for the most common prosthetic devices. The devices covered range from breast, penile, vascular, and joint prostheses to cochlear, ossicular, and dental implants, and include cerebrospinal fluid shunts, cardiac valves, stents, and pacemakers. For each device, the authors consider its pros and cons, detail the best current strategies to keep patients with implants healthy, and evaluate the latest and most promising new diagnostic tests. Clinical counterpoints from distinguished authorities at major centers in the United States and Europe are offered throughout. Follow-up recommendations are summarized in a standardized format that allows comparative analysis and lays the foundation for controlled clinical trials and the eventual establishment of evidence-based guidelines. Additional chapters address epidemiological, societal, and policy issues associated with prosthetic use: what should be done to detect and/or prevent problems with implants, to detect such low-frequency events as the development of cancer, and to uncover the disorders to which patients with prostheses might be unusually prone? Finally, what are the costs of follow-up care and how should society allocate resources to care for these patients?
Concise and highly practical, The Bionic Human: Health Promotion for People With Implanted Prosthetic Devices offers busy practitioners an integrated survey of best practices for the management of patients with implanted prosthetic devices and an insightful examination of the epidemiological, societal, and policy issues associated with their use.


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  • Frank E. Johnson
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  • Katherine S. Virgo
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  • Terry C. Lairmore
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  • Riccardo A. Audisio
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  1. 1.Department of Veterans Affairs Medical CenterSaint Louis University School of MedicineSt. Louis
  2. 2.Scott and White HospitalTexas A & M University System Health Sciences Center College of MedicineTemple
  3. 3.University of LiverpoolUK

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