Cancer Chemoprevention

Volume 2: Strategies for Cancer Chemoprevention

  • Gary J. Kelloff
  • Ernest T. Hawk
  • Caroline C. Sigman

Part of the Cancer Drug Discovery and Development book series (CDD&D)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Chemopreventive Agent Development Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. John M. Pezzuto, Jerome W. Kosmeder II, Eun-Jung Park, Sang Kook Lee, Muriel Cuendet, Joell Gills et al.
      Pages 3-37
    3. Vernon E. Steele, Ronald A. Lubet, Richard C. Moon
      Pages 39-46
    4. Ronald A. Lubet, Jeffrey Green, Vernon E. Steele, Ming You
      Pages 47-55
    5. Martin Lipkin, Sergio A. Lamprecht
      Pages 57-68
    6. Donald Earl Henson, Jorge Albores-Saavedra
      Pages 69-96
    7. Robert W. Veltri, Alan W. Partin, M. Craig Miller
      Pages 97-108
    8. Robert L. Strausberg, Gregory J. Riggins
      Pages 109-114
    9. Emanuel F. Petricoin III, Lance A. Liotta
      Pages 123-130
    10. Richard Simon
      Pages 131-135
    11. Mitchell H. Gail
      Pages 137-140
    12. Sonia de Assis, Peter G. Shields
      Pages 141-151
    13. Ian M. Thompson, Charles A. Coltman Jr.
      Pages 153-161
    14. Paul P. Carbone, Karen Sielaff, Mary Hamielec, Howard Bailey
      Pages 163-179
  3. Cancer Chemoprevention at Major Cancer Target Sites

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 517-517
    2. William G. Nelson, Angelo M. de Marzo, Scott M. Lippman
      Pages 185-203
    3. Bulent Akduman, Abelardo Errejon, E. David Crawford
      Pages 205-209
    4. Carol J. Fabian, Bruce F. Kimler, Matthew S. Mayo, William E. Grizzle, Shahla Masood, Giske Ursin
      Pages 213-237
    5. Joyce O’Shaughnessy, Andrea Decensi
      Pages 239-247
    6. Kathrin Strasser-Weippl, Paul E. Goss
      Pages 249-264
    7. Monica M. Bertagnolli, Stanley R. Hamilton
      Pages 267-285
    8. Edward S. Kim, Faye M. Johnson, Waun Ki Hong, Fadlo R. Khuri
      Pages 297-304
    9. James L. Mulshine, Luigi M. De Luca
      Pages 305-312
    10. H. Barton Grossman, Anita L. Sabichi, Yu Shen
      Pages 315-322
    11. Brian J. Reid
      Pages 325-342
    12. Brian C. Jacobson, Jacques Van Dam
      Pages 343-352
    13. Paul J. Limburg, Philip R. Taylor, Sanford M. Dawsey
      Pages 353-367
    14. Fadlo R. Khuri, Edward S. Kim, Waun Ki Hong
      Pages 371-382
    15. Jon Sudbø, Steinar Aamdal, Albrecht Reith, Asle Sudbø
      Pages 383-399
    16. M. Suzanne Stratton, Steven P. Stratton, James Ranger-Moore, Janine G. Einspahr, G. Tim Bowden, David S. Alberts
      Pages 403-419
    17. Jaye L. Viner, Ernest T. Hawk, Ellen Richmond, Howard Higley, Asad Umar
      Pages 421-434
    18. Ronald D. Alvarez, William E. Grizzle, Heidi L. Weiss, Clinton J. Grubbs, Amit Oza
      Pages 437-447
    19. John T. Schiller, Douglas R. Lowy
      Pages 449-459
    20. Jan P. A. Baak, George L. Mutter, Anita Steinbakk, Luly Taddele, Bianca van Diermen, Tove Helliesen et al.
      Pages 463-470
    21. Kristin K. Zorn, Ginger J. Gardner, Michael J. Birrer
      Pages 473-486
    22. Chandrajit P. Raut, David J. McConkey, James L. Abbruzzese
      Pages 489-499
    23. Ziad Hassoun, Gregory J. Gores
      Pages 503-516
    24. John A. Lust, Kathleen A. Donovan
      Pages 519-528
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 529-543

About this book


Much progress has been made in discovering and developing agents that have promise, or have already been successfully used, to treat precancerous conditions or inhibit carcinogenesis. In Cancer Chemoprevention, Volume 2: Strategies for Cancer Chemoprevention, leading chemopreventives investigators comprehensively describe the exciting methodologies that are accelerating progress in the chemoprevention field and review the state of clinical development of preventive agents in the major human cancer target organs. The authors provide sound guidelines for cancer chemopreventive drug development, detailing general strategies and methods for drug discovery, preclinical efficacy, characterization of precancers, safety evaluation of clinical cohorts, and clinical trial design. Additional chapters address strategies for and the status of chemopreventive agent development in multiple myeloma and cancers of the prostate, breast, lung, colon, bladder, head and neck, esophagus, pancreas, ovary, endometrium, cervix, skin, and liver. The emphasis is on documenting the characterization and application of reliable biomarkers during chemopreventive drug development. Highlights include an elegant approach to identifying chemopreventive agents in natural products, the development of preclinical models for evaluating potential chemopreventive agents, the genomics and proteomics of potential applications, and approaches for determining which populations will likely benefit from chemopreventive intervention. A companion volume, Promising Cancer Chemopreventive Agents, comprehensively surveys those agents that have promise, or have already been successfully used, to treat precancerous conditions or inhibit carcinogenesis. A value-added compact disk containing a companion ebook version of Cancer Chemoprevention, Volume 2: Strategies for Cancer Chemoprevention is included for downloading and use in the reader's PC or PDA.
Up-to-date and highly practical, Cancer Chemoprevention, Volumes 1 & 2, offer oncologists, pharmacologists, medicinal chemists, and toxicologists a comprehensive reference survey on the identification of those promising cancer chemopreventive agents that will help stimulate further research and the development of novel approvable drugs.


carcinoma endoscopy imaging morbidity positron emission tomography

Editors and affiliations

  • Gary J. Kelloff
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  • Ernest T. Hawk
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  • Caroline C. Sigman
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  1. 1.Biomedical Imaging Program, Division of Cancer Treatment and DiagnosisNational Cancer Institute, National Institutes of HealthBethesda
  2. 2.Gastrointestinal and Other Cancers Research Group, Division of Cancer PreventionNational Cancer Institute, National Institutes of HealthBethesda
  3. 3.CCS AssociatesMountain View

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