Handbook of Histology Methods for Bone and Cartilage

  • Yuehuei H. An
  • Kylie L. Martin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Yuehuei H. An, Helen E. Gruber
      Pages 3-31
  3. Structure and Function of Bone and Cartilage

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 33-33
    2. William R. Walsh, Mark Walton, Warwick Bruce, Yan Yu, Ronald M. Gillies, Martin Svehla
      Pages 35-58
    3. Torben Steiniche, Ellen M. Hauge
      Pages 59-72
    4. Jerry C. Y. Hu, Kyriacos A. Athanasiou
      Pages 73-95
  4. Tissue Harvesting, Fixation, and Preparation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 97-97
    2. Reinhold G. Erben
      Pages 99-117
    3. Robert S. Weinstein
      Pages 119-128
    4. John L. Eady
      Pages 129-142
    5. Linda L. Jenkins, Karen J. L. Burg
      Pages 143-157
    6. Antonio Scarano, Giovanna Iezzi, Adriano Piattelli
      Pages 159-165
    7. Robert A. Skinner
      Pages 167-184
    8. Yuehuei H. An, Patricia L. Moreira, Qian K. Kang, Helen E. Gruber
      Pages 185-197
    9. Antonio Scarano, Giovanna Orsini, Adriano Piattelli
      Pages 199-206
  5. Sectioning Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 207-207
    2. Qian K. Kang, Jackie C. LaBreck, Helen E. Gruber, Yuehuei H. An
      Pages 209-219
    3. Thomas W. Bauer, Diane Mahovlic
      Pages 233-242
    4. Karl Donath, Michael Rohrer
      Pages 243-252
    5. Joop G. C. Wolke, Jan-Paul C. M. van der Waerden, Christel P. A. T. Klein, John A. Jansen
      Pages 253-263
    6. Antonio Scarano, Manlio Quaranta, Adriano Piattelli
      Pages 265-269
  6. Staining Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 279-279
    2. Helen E. Gruber, Jane A. Ingram
      Pages 287-293
    3. Antonio Scarano, Giovanna Petrone, Adriano Piattelli
      Pages 315-319
    4. Shintaro Nomura, Seiichi Hirota
      Pages 321-327
  7. Analysis Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 329-329
    2. Jean E. Aaron, Patricia A. Shore
      Pages 331-351
    3. Jian-Sheng Wang, Gonzalo G. Valdivia, Michael J. Dunbar, Cecil H. Rorabeck, Robert B. Bourne, Suzanne Maher
      Pages 361-373
    4. Ryland B. Edwards III, Mandi J. Lopez, Mark D. Markel
      Pages 375-389
    5. Ellen M. Hauge, Torben Steiniche, Troels T. Andreassen
      Pages 391-410
    6. Stefan Nehrer, Myron Spector
      Pages 411-421
    7. Theodore R. Oegema Jr., Cathy S. Carlson, Ada A. Cole
      Pages 423-437
    8. Antonio Scarano, Gian Antonio Favero, Elisabetta Fiera, Adriano Piattelli
      Pages 439-445
    9. Jasvir S. Khurana, Krishnan K. Unni
      Pages 447-494
  8. Electron Microscopy and Radiography

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 495-495
    2. Masashi Neo, Takashi Nakamura
      Pages 505-511
    3. Victor Fornasier, Charles L. Ho
      Pages 531-547
    4. Yebin Jiang, Yunzhao Wang, Dianmin Xue, Yuming Yin
      Pages 549-558
  9. Recognizing and Avoiding Artifacts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 559-559
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 571-587

About this book


Histologists and histochemists must spend considerable effort today to find the methods essential to perform bone and cartilage-related research. In Handbook of Histology Methods for Bone and Cartilage, Y.H. An and K.L. Martin have assembled an extensive collection of the major methods for studying the histology and histomorphometry of bone and cartilage. Described by well-experienced researchers, physicians, and technicians, the methods include techniques for bone labeling, bone sectioning, histological analysis, histomorphometric analysis, radiological examination, and contact radiography. Among the applications presented are in situ hybridization of bone and cartilage, radiological examination of calcified tissue with emphasis on bone, and dealing with histology artifacts in hard-tissue research. There are also histological techniques for the analysis of bone-implant interfaces, cartilage-defect repair, and the soft-tissue biomaterial interface. More practical than theoretical, the text is simple and straightforward, with many tables, line drawings, and micro- and macro photographs to illustrate the content. Full bibliographies at the end of each chapter guide the reader to additional detailed information.
Comprehensive and up-to-date, the Handbook of Histology Methods for Bone and Cartilage offers researchers a practical guide to all the major histological and histomorphometrical methods of bone and cartilage analysis-a gold mine of detailed techniques for the preparation of tissue from collection through fixation, embedding, sectioning, and staining.


bone cartilage cell fixation implant tissue

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  • Kylie L. Martin
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