Quantities, Symbols, Units, and Abbreviations in the Life Sciences

A Guide for Authors and Editors

  • Arnošt Kotyk

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About this book


In Quantities, Symbols, Units, and Abbreviations in the Life Sciences, Arnost Kotyk compiles the most up-to-date recommendations for using units, symbols, abbreviations, and acronyms in publications ranging across the biological sciences. Drawing on the authority of the nomenclature committees of the many international societies in the biosciences, as well as on the editors of prestigious scientific journals, and on eminent individuals active in scientific publishing, this essential reference provides authors and editors with easy access to the authoritative usage of the universally accepted terms they need for clear scientific communication. All the symbols, units, and abbreviations are defined, with commentary and some etymological background frequently provided. The diverse scope of disciplines treated includes biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, genetics, immunology, and virology, plus appropriate sections on mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Quantities, Symbols, Units, and Abbreviations in the Life Sciences provides today's most complete and authoritative guide for editors, authors, and reviewers who wish to correctly understand and precisely use scientific terms in their life and biomedical science publications.


animals biochemistry biology biophysics cell cell biology chemistry chromosome enzyme genetics life sciences molecular biology pharmacology physiology plant physiology

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